The Sound of Hypocrisy on Syria…Silence!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Silence.  I know it seems these days the American collective memory lasts about as long as finding out who just got voted off American Idol, but does anyone remember those long ago days of 2003?  I know most have to bust out their history books still chiseled onto stone tablets to remember back that far but, please try, it is actually important.

Back then we had an endless stream of Hollywood collectivists who called George Bush a warmongering criminal and much worse for attacking Iraq.  The media gave every single person who objected to the war a megaphone to protest their message to the ends of the earth.  John Kerry ran an ENTIRE presidential campaign on how evil the war was.  That was back before he was appointed to Secretary of State for a warmongering Obama. There were anti-war protestors in every major city.

Now what do we hear from this group as Obama tries to gin up support to start a war with Syria?  Silence.  That’s right, not a peep from any of these people who wanted to impeach George Bush for starting a war.  Why, because the guy starting this war is a Democrat and Liberal and the protestors are all Democrats, Liberals and Collectivists so they don’t want to speak out against their guy!  Folks, that is what we call HYPOCRISY!

Most Libertarians have held the consistent view that they objected to BOTH wars under BOTH presidents.  That is what we refer to as intellectual honesty and principals.  Something both the American left and right don’t possess any longer.

Sadly we are increasingly living in a world where the actual policy, war, law, latest fiscal boondoggle, lost civil liberty, restricted freedom, violation of the Constitution, etc. doesn’t matter as long as it is YOUR man doing the violating, i.e Democrat or Republican.  If he or she for that matter is in YOUR chosen party than whatever they do seems to be perfectly OK with you.  Sad and Pathetic.

We wonder how great civilizations become footnotes in history books?  This is how.  A total lack of principals, consistency and intellectual honesty.  As long as YOUR guy or party is running things then whatever they do is fine and not a violation of anything.

Oh, as a complete side note, anyone remember how loudly the left protested against George Bush when he created the (un)Patriot Act?  I do.  They screamed to the heavens that he was stripping away their civil liberties (and he was), but now that Obama is in office and has not only not reversed one single aspect of the (un)Patriot Act, but actually expanded it further and added NSA spying and effectively suspended Habeas Corpus with the NDAA what do you hear from these same left wing people…

that’s right folks, nothing.  Total silence.

OK, I am done, you can get back to your American Idol and ignore what happens next because YOUR guy is driving the boat and doing the violations.

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