Secession or Revolution in Colorado and Elsewhere?

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal, which I can’t share due to it being protected and available only to subscribers states that the 8 Northeast counties in Colorado are seeking secession from Colorado to make the 51st state (or 58th if you use Obama’s math).

The rub is a simple one.  The people of Northeastern Colorado simply want to be left alone and don’t want government sticking their fat noses into the lives and business of its residents.  Of course progressives simply can’t do that.  They live to interfere.

The specific issues of the people that live in this part of Colorado is their gun rights being stripped away because of something that happened over a thousand miles away in Newtown Connecticut.  They are also objecting to other issues of regulation that either forces them to live a certain way or pay more money for common services due to regulations and/or new taxes.

Naturally this course of action is a very distant long shot, which of course will only anger these people more.  One quote by a Democrat House member in Colorado sums up a continuing problem here…

There are more people in Colorado who support the legislation than oppose the legislation, said Mark Ferrandino, Colorado House Speaker who represents Denver.

There is the issue at its core.  Progressives believe that as long as they have 51% of any group who agree with them then they can slam home ANY freedom robbing law they want and piss on the 49% who disagree with you.  If you happen to be one of the people in that 49% minority tough luck for you.  Your rights don’t matter because 51% of another group disagrees with you.

Sadly this minority is increasingly being marginalized on every front.  They try and engage in the political process by writing and protesting and they are ignored.  They band together into groups like the TEA Party and they are investigated and discriminated against by the IRS.  They try and support and run candidates that share their values and specially designed ballot laws keep them from getting on the ballot.

In my area if you run as a Republican or Democrat you only need 50 valid signatures to get on the ballot, but if you are an independent or some other 3rd party group you need 2,500 signatures to get on that same ballot.  I wonder who wrote those rules?

Now this minority who has been ignored and trampled on by the tyranny of the majority is trying secession as their last path to freedom and that to is being denied to them due to the insane laws that are designed to prevent such an action.  What’s next?

My guess is that if the minority who simply wants to be left alone keeps getting trampled on by the 51% majority and this same majority keeps doing everything in their power to prevent them from getting relief any other way eventually they will look at revolution as their only option left open to them.  As Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street Irregulars is fond of saying…

“When Democracy Becomes Tyranny

"When Democracy Becomes Tyranny
I STILL get to vote.”


As Mike points out in his blog and history buffs may remember during the American Revolution approximately 3% of the Colonists ever picked up a rifle and joined the army.  This group was supported by another 10% of the population who donated materials and support to this group.  Perhaps another 20% looked upon this group favorably, but didn’t do much to actually support them.  A full 2/3 were either neutral or actually opposed them!  So only 1/3 of the people were successful in defeating the ambitions of the strongest army and navy in the world at that time.  Impressive.

The point is the tyrannical majority who thinks that their 51% of the votes entitles them to strip away the freedom and liberty of 100% of the people and then cleverly prevent any form of dissent by closing off all political and other forms of relief would do well to remember what a determined minority who is pushed too far can do.


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