Obama says “You didn’t build that!”

President Obama recently said: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

We are told all of us entrepreneurs out here who object to these harsh words are taking the President “out of context”. What he really meant was that we got help, we had a great teacher, we used roads built by others. I happen to know something about business because I am a business owner. I have been for the last 8 years. My business is an Internet based business, the same Internet that Obama says the government built and is responsible for my success. Fine, Obama…

  • Did the Internet build all the web sites I created over the years?
  • Did that government sponsored Internet promote those web sites and make them successful?
  • Did the Internet spend countless hours writing the content for all of those web sites?
  • Did the Internet come to my office and spend hours and hours coding, creating, and building?
  • Did the Internet make the phone calls and go on the sales calls?
  • Did the Internet work long weekends and late nights to make the deadlines?
  • Did the Internet come and help me stuff hundreds of pieces of mail to help promote my business?
  • Did the Internet hire the people I have employed over the years to help build my business?
  • Did the Internet pay my contractors and employees?
  • Did the Internet go to the bank and plead my case to get a line of credit to expand?
  • Did the Internet sign on the dotted line at the bank telling the bank I was PERSONALLY responsible for those loans if the business went south?
  • Did the Internet come over and help me figure out how to make payroll when cash flow was bad?

Obama you are a deplorable excuse for a President and haven’t got a clue what small business owners go through or have done. How could you. You have never worked in the private sector your whole life. You have been coddled by government programs and institutions your entire life. You don’t understand how free enterprise works and because you don’t understand it you fear and criticize it. It is a mystery to you and will always remain so.

Let me just say I DID BUILD THIS! I didn’t build it because of your help I built it in SPITE of you! I have spent the last 4 years trying to survive the horrible economy YOU, not George W. Bush are responsible for! I built it and accepted less money for my work to pay the taxes you piled on me!  I paid thousands of dollars to attorneys and accountants to show me how to safely navigate all the B.S. regulations, laws, and road blocks you put in my way everyday!  As an entrepreneur I AM responsible for my success OR my failure. Nobody else, which is more than I can say for the pathetic excuses you offer for your own failures…

  • It is George Bush’s fault
  • It is the Arab Spring
  • It is a Tsunami
  • It is the debt crisis in Europe
  • It is the Republicans
  • It is do nothing Congress
  • It is politics
  • It is, it is, it is…

Unlike you I can’t go out and spend millions of dollars lying to the American people about my failures and still keep my job. My evaluators are the free market and it doesn’t accept pathetic excuses like you spout everyday.

When I don’t deliver I lose money and if I lose too much money I don’t have a business. What is more, is the government, a great teacher, the government built Internet or roads or any of the other people who you say are responsible for my success seem to be strangely absent when my failure is on the line. But like most parasites the second I make one dollar in income your stupid ass shows up with your hand out telling me to pay “my fair share” and “we need to spread the wealth around” the wealth I created with my two hands not you!  Yes, my mind, my hands created this!  The mind and hands of an INDIVIDUAL not a collective.  Individuals built all the great things in this country!

If the American people are dumb enough to re-elect you it shows that I am in the minority of people that still believe in freedom, liberty, and really know how to build a business. If that horrible outcome comes to pass I will have to think long and hard if I want to continue to carry you and your leeches any longer.

Who is John Galt?

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