Obama hasn’t paid any taxes for the last 10 years

I met this guy who knows a guy that went to college with a business associate of Obama’s and he told me that Obama has basically not paid any taxes on his income for the last 10 years! I won’t reveal my source and I am not sure if any of this is true, but does it really matter?

Harry Reid in an attempt to get his daily smear in of Mitt Romney has accused him of not paying any taxes for the last 10 years.  Of course he won’t actually name his source and he admits that he doesn’t know if it is even true or not, but why let the facts, or lack of, get in the way of a good story.  Plus he can always count on his buddies in the lame stream media to pick this up and report it just like it was a well researched and completely factual story with credible and documented sources.

For a moment there I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, with the country suffering unemployment over 8% for 41 straight months, a Federal deficit approaching 16 Trillion dollars, and a housing market that can’t seem to find a bottom or be anywhere near a recovery; basically the American economy on fire we could perhaps focus this presidential election on ideas and solutions instead of the typical dirty politics.  Thank you Senator Reid for helping show me the error of my ways and showing me this election is just like all the others.

One would think that with Harry helping to create a Congressional approval rating in the single digits or not passing a budget for the last 3 years or not bothering to debate and work with any of the 30 bills the House has passed and sent to his chamber that he would have something else to do, but nope, smearing Romney is the top of his priority list!

Most people agree that politics has always been a dirty business, but luckily just when you think politics can’t go any lower you have a monumental idiot like Harry to prove you wrong and show it can actually go lower.  Thank you, Harry for showing the American people what is important and that politics can ALWAYS go lower!


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