Obama and ISIS vs. ISIL

There seems to be some confusion floating around against the latest terror group that will no doubt be the basis for more freedom robbing legislation; all in the name of security of course!

I noticed the media started referring to them (many still do) as ISIS. I then noticed that Obama and the members of his regime deliberately changed the wording to ISIL. Now that he has done this I noticed many of the news organizations have started picking it up and using it.

I gather the typical low information voter probably doesn’t care one way or the other and probably thinks both are some new brand of soap or something. We are after all talking about a dim witted crowd here, who sadly, are allowed to vote, but I digress.

Anyway my reason in bringing this up at all does actually have a point. I basically consider Obama a freedom hating tyrant so I am not sure it would surprise me to note that his change in calling a terror group ISIL vs. ISIS just happens to correspond with another group…

International Society of Individual Liberty

A fine global organization built around the concept of freedom, not beheading journalists. Unfortunately a group with a very unfortunate acronym thanks to Obama.

Maybe it is just me, but does anyone else consider it interesting that a freedom hating tyrant like Obama happens to start referring to the highest profile terror group as ISIL, which just happens to be the name of a totally different and much older group based on the concept of individual freedom?

Further, I find it interesting that the dim witted morons that vote and support this tyrant will pick up on this and will only remember ISIL. Which begs the question, what happens when the dim wits come across a totally unrelated group that is the antithesis of everything Obama stands for, but thinks this is somehow linked to this infamous soap, er, I mean terror group he has been referring to?

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