Modern Day Kulaks

According to Wikipedia the Kulak were a class of farmers in early to mid 20th Century Russia.  These farmers are described as being a wealthier group of peasant farmers that were so numerous at that time.

They are loosely described as having middle class values, land-owners, prosperous, anti-communist, self-reliant, religious and had more live stock than other farmers.  Many were wealthy enough to make small loans to other villagers and hire some people to help with the farm labor.  Unfortunately these poor souls had the unfortunate bad luck of being born in the rise of communist Russia.

As a result you might imagine a group like this was looked at a bit differently by communist leaders…

Vladimir Lenin described them as “bloodsuckers, vampires, plunderers of the people and profiteers, who batten on famine.

Sounds about right for a socialist.  As a result these people were set upon by the mobs of their day, the socialists.  They were ostracized, stripped of their farms, sent to labor camps and ultimately murdered.  Some were “lucky” enough to simply be deported to some of the most barren parts of Russia after being stripped of everything, but their lives.

Interestingly the ones who were deported, many of them began to rebuild in their new homes and become prosperous once again to the angst of the socialist regime.  See these people had something special.  They were rugged, self-reliant individuals who knew their craft (farming) extremely well.  They also understood how to create wealth as opposed to simply take it from others after it had been created.  Because of this they could be successful just about anywhere.

The farms that were stolen from these people were turned into “collectives” for the “common good” and shared by all the people.  Classic communism and socialism.

As you read this if you start saying to yourself that this sounds eerily familiar it is probably because you have been hearing very similar things come from Obama and many of his goons over the last 5 years.

While we don’t technically have a group called the Kulak in the U.S. today and most people don’t make their living in agriculture any longer I do believe we still have a modern day equivalent of this group.

TEA Party Member
Small Business Owners
Gun Owners

There are certainly some I am leaving out, but my point is there is a group of people in this country who have middle class values, are self-reliant, have prosperity (at least they did until Obama was elected) and have a little more than some other people.

Today these may be small business owners who share beliefs with the libertarian philosophy, may be TEA Party supporters and may also be gun owners.  They understand how to take care of themselves and don’t want or need the Federal government sticking its fat ass into their business.

I know because I am part of this group.  While I am not a farmer I do share many of the traits that made up the Kulak of Russia.

The group(s) above is as hated by the socialists of today as the Kulak were of the socialists of their day.  Obama is a socialist and parrots the beliefs of Lenin and Marx.  Hell, he even uses some of the same phrases and certainly uses the same tactics to the extent he can get away with it.  He still faces too much opposition to move as quickly as Lenin and later Stalin did in Russia, but he is no less ambitious.

Nothing angers socialists, like Obama, more than having a group of people thwart and rebuff his plans for “spreading the wealth” just as Lenin did in his day.  His speeches and rhetoric shows his hatred for small business owners and TEA Party/libertarian minded people.

As a result he has used the IRS, tax policy, regulations, and of course his rhetoric and speeches to destroy and demonize these groups and individuals.  He would do to them what happened to the Kulaks in Russia tomorrow if he could get away with it.

Thugs like Obama simply can’t understand people like the Kulak’s of old and their modern day equivalents.  He and his goons don’t want independent thinking, self-reliant and prosperous people who believe in private property and hold middle class values around.  Such people will not submit to him just as the Kulak’s of old would not submit to the grain confiscations of Lenin and Stalin.

So to all of those individuals who are self-reliant, can think independently, may be small business owners and share some or many beliefs of the libertarian philosophy… keep doing what you are doing.  You will always be successful and as a result will always be hated by people like Obama and the people who support and vote for him.

In future posts I will be discussing my ideas of how to live this lifestyle even more and continue to stick your thumb in the eye of tyrants like Obama and his many “Czars”.

Unfortunately like the Kulaks of Russia we can’t help what era and under what tyrant we currently live under, but just like them we can resist and resist we should.  In the end we may lose, but make sure you go down swinging just as the Kulak of old did.

Isn’t it interesting how history does indeed keep repeating itself, right down to language used.

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