Modern Day American Statsi Incident

Well, here is yet another of the many police state violations against people who just want to be left alone.  The warrants state that the cops were looking for the old bad guy marijuana again.  That single drug has probably been used for more Constitutional violations than all the others put together.

Of course they didn’t find any as seems to be the case a lot.  This particular raid seems to be based on some “anonymous” source.  Don’t you love all that secrecy these guys get to operate under?

However these people are damn lucky the Stasi didn’t just plant some drugs at the scene and then “find” them for evidence.  Planting evidence is standard operating procedure for most modern day Stasi operations.

See the problem here is that the Stasi come in with their militarized, trigger happy, poorly trained SWAT teams and throw all the residents to the ground, shove guns in their face, handcuff them and once they have “secured” the scene, which is code for making sure none of the intended victims can see them plant err.., I mean, “find” evidence as they search the premises.

They didn’t seem to find any on these premises, which usually means some thug higher up the chain of command didn’t want these people bad enough to stoop to the old planting/tampering with evidence trick.

The Stasi did take a ton of stuff from the group and I doubt they will ever get any of it back, which is another thing the Stasi love doing… civil asset forfeiture, which is where they seize money, guns, computers, and other stuff of value and just keep it.  They don’t have to charge you with any crimes or anything.  They can just say they suspect you of doing something and keep your stuff.  Good luck fighting them to get it back.

The Stasi have of course not apologized and probably never will.  See they can just do these types of Constitutional violations in the name of “The War on Drugs” or “The War of Terror” or some other “war” of some type and violate every Constitutional protection under the sun.  They then cower behind their massive and unyielding bureaucracies and staff lawyers to make it impossible for freedom loving people to fight back.

I know I feel much safer knowing these guys are out there defending me… NOT!

Welcome to life in modern day Amerika.

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