Media Matters and gun control hypocrisy of David Brock

According to a story on Fox News notorious gun grabber David Brock had his assistant illegally carry a concealed handgun in Washington D.C.  David Brock has been very vocal over the years about gun control and working to keep law abiding people from carrying or even owning a gun for self defense, yet when it is his own skin on the line he doesn’t hesitate to have gun for personal protection.  Ditto for people like Rosie O’Donnell, ex-Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago and gun hater Diane Feinstein.  At one point or another all of these people either owned a gun for personal protection or had armed body guards who did, all the while they advocate for stripping away the rights of others to do the same thing.

This article at Fox News discusses what a hypocrite David Brock is for this latest stunt.  However I am taking a different angle.  The issue is not that he and others don’t believe in guns for personal protection when they are the ones being protected as their own actions have proved that claim to be false.  The real issue is much more sinister.

All the people mentioned above as well as many others too numerous to mention are hard left leaning statist, socialists, and collectivists.  All of them would love to see a nation built into a socialist utopia where things like private property and personal liberty no longer exists for the individual.  Rather all property and freedom is granted by the state.

The problem with finally being able to realize their vision is that pesky 2nd Amendment, which grants us the right to keep and bear arms…

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Contrary to what many on the left argue, this was not put in the Bill of Rights for the Militia and it was not put in there for “sporting purposes” in fact, as you can see the word “sports” or “sporting” doesn’t appear anywhere in there.

It was put there because the Founders realized that if the citizens were armed and could fight back they were less likely to ever have a tyraniccal government come into existence.  They understood that Americans needed the government to fear the people not the other way around for true freedom to exist.  Nobody on the left wants to discuss this reason for the 2nd Amendment because the thought of a bloody civil war is more than they can handle.  So instead they spend their time arguing about guns for sporting purposes only and no concealed carry because it presents a “health risk” to society and other meaningless gibberish.

Armed citizens are a road block to people like David Brock and other socialists from creating his beloved socialist utopia and seizing all private property and freedom from the people.  They know down deep that the people are armed and would fight back.  Therefore, they follow this ridicoulous notion of gun banning in an attempt to remove guns from citizens so they can step on them and take away their rights and property without the citizens being able to fight back.

The issue was never about guns for personal protection for these people although that is what they will tell you because they can’t tell you their real reason for wanting to take away guns and abolish the 2nd Amendment.  Never forget that.

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