LaRue Tactical Stands up for Private Citizens 2nd Amendment Rights!

LaRue Tactical issued a press release that states it will only sell its products to the police IF private citizens are also allowed to own the same guns and equipment!  Kudos to LaRue for this one!  This company has just topped my list of places to buy from and I hope everyone who reads this will support them.  Here is the link to their site…

LaRue Tactical

We need ALL the gun companies to step up and make the same commitment.  If every company that sells firearms and related equipment cut off the government until they recognized our rights then it would send a very strong message that we are united on this issue and to back off!

The 2nd Amendment is about the fundamental right to self defense and that self defense may be from a tyrannical government.  THIS is what our Founders intended for the 2nd Amendment!  Not a right to hunt, but I right to keep the government from encroaching on the liberties of the people.  Guns are the teeth of liberty!

To defend our liberties from an ever encroaching government private citizens need the SAME firearms and equipment that said tyrannical government will use AGAINST us.  We private citizens are getting fed up with this elitest attitude of government that they are not subject to the same restrictions and laws the citizens who employ them are!  Enough!  You work for us!  You serve us!  Not the other way around.

We can’t defend ourselves if the government gets better guns than we own.  The Founders understood this.  Now LaRue is showing they understand it as well.  Where are the rest of you gun manufacturers on this?

While I applaud LaRue Tactical for taking this step I hope they go even farther and say they will not sell to the Federal Government, who is pushing to limit our rights.  We also need EVERY gun manufacturer to step up and make the same commitment.

As John Adams said about the signing of the Declaration of Independence… “We need all the clocks to strike at the same time!” meaning they all had to be united in the cause.  We couldn’t have any that didn’t agree.  That is what we need here.  One voice against Obama’s tyranny!

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