Justice John Roberts – Traitor!

With one vote Justice John Roberts has just betrayed the Constitution, the American people and has permanently altered the power of the Federal Government by siding with the socialist in this country and saying it was OK to allow the Federal government to force people to buy health insurance!  That’s right folks this traitor just said there are NO LIMITS on Federal power now because the individual mandate in Obama Care is OK!

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves right now.  They never envisioned a country where the Federal government could come along and force people to buy something simply for the privilege of being a citizen, but Justice Roberts has changed all of that with one vote.  He has said the mandate “is like a tax” which means the government can regulate it.  That is total B.S.!  It is a mandate forcing people to buy health insurance!  Anyone who thought this guy was a conservative that believed in limited government has been proven TOTALLY wrong and has ended that debate once and for all.  He has given the Federal thugs the green light to do ANYTHING they want now.  The future laws of this country will be forever altered just as they were in 1942 with the Wickard v. Filburn decision because of his betrayal!

Leading up to this decision everyone in the media kept talking about which “Conservative” Justice would side with the liberals and socialist to give them a win.  Most thought it would be Kennedy, but it wasn’t.  It was that stalwart of conservative belief that titan of the Constitution and now traitor Justice John Roberts.

Today is a dark day for freedom, liberty, and the Constitution and it was all made possible by a traitor.  I hope all remember that.

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