Is Obama a Civil Libertarian?

According to the WSJ Obama has received 46 recommendations from a task force about ways to overhaul the NSA so they aren’t violating every civil liberty we have… just most of them.  If he implements all 46 most Libertarians will congratulate him on a very small, but reasonable start in the right direction.

The Neocons and other freedom hating harpy’s out there will immediately start screaming about how the terrorists will kill all of us if these are implemented and that we will have no security, blah, blah.  Here is a little secret, we don’t have any security now, but in addition we also don’t have much privacy or freedom to go along with it.

Now here is the interesting question to all of you liberals who screamed about how GWB was robbing you of your freedoms; is your great savior of hope and change going to reverse course and give you back freedoms that the evil Bush took away?  I wouldn’t hold your breath.  My bet, he tweaks it around the edges, doesn’t make any real or substantive changes and declares himself great, wonderful, awesome, supreme, god-like…again.

And of course most you liberals will continue to swoon and think he is great and the fact he is still robbing you of your civil liberties won’t matter to you because after all he is your guy so it is OK if he steals your liberties and privacy.

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