Gun Banners in California Reveal True Goal of Gun Control

One of the things all anti-gun radical politicians do when they pass or propose new gun control legislation, not gun safety since it has nothing to do with firearm safety and non of these people are qualified if it was, but I digress.  One of the things they ALWAYS say is…

We are not going to take away your guns

This of course generally includes when they want to ban standard capacity magazines, which they always say you can keep them if you have them.  Accept when they think they can ram through some more stuff.

The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is set to pass another round of gun control legislation making them the strictest state in the country on gun control.  Among the little gems they are trying to get through include…

  1. Total ban on ANY semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine.  By the way that would include the little Ruger 10/22 that fires .22 rounds and is used by many youth groups, including the Boy Scouts.
  2. Total ban on ANY ownership of standard capacity magazines, which the radicals call “high capacity”, which in Kalifornia is anything over 10 rounds.  They ban the sale of these magazines a long time ago, but if you already had magazines capable of holding over 10 you could keep them, but not now.  Now you have to get rid of them completely.
  3. Ammo purchase registration database (they have had a firearms registration database for while now) that will record and track all of your ammo purchases.

Of course when the last round of gun control went through and the one before that and the one before that and one before that… well you get the idea.  We are always assured of several things…

  1. It is critical.  This be done RIGHT NOW!
  2. It will end bad things ever happening with guns
  3. They won’t try and take away your guns

Of course none of this is true.  The same pattern always occurs, it is how much can they ram through right now.  Once that is done digesting then they go for the next chunk of gun control, over and over again and each time we are told the same 3 things above and each and every time it is never true.

The bottom line NEVER trust a gun banner.  They ALWAYS lie and what they want today is NEVER the whole story.  They want a TOTAL ban on all privately owned firearms, but realize they need to do it in bits and bites.  Death by a thousand paper cuts kind of thing.

And they wonder why pro liberty people always fight like hell whenever they propose “common sense” gun control, which always lacks any semblance of “common sense” and is never the end game.  Never give them one inch.  NEVER!

Molon Labe!

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