Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs Secretary – Fired!

According to the Washington Times article, Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs Secretary is out. Of course anyone who has been following the appalling disgrace of how our veterans have been treated at VA hospitals all over the U.S. could see this coming. Further, this will be debated endlessly by the lame-stream media and “what it means to Obama” and other worthless crap like that. I am focusing on only one thing in this announcement. It says this in the article…

The president said Mr. Shinseki had already begun to fire “many of the people responsible,” including senior leaders at the Phoenix VA.

He’s canceled any possible performance bonuses this year for VHA senior executives, and he has ordered the VA to personally contact every veteran in Phoenix waiting for appointments to get them the care that they need and that they deserve,” the president said.

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The bold is mine. When Wall Street with ample help from the Federal Reserve tanked the U.S. economy back in 2007-08 Congress started holding worthless hearing after hearing to learn “what happened” when the reality is they all already knew because they helped cause a good portion of it with horrible policy that was more about politics than policy.

But I digress. The point is as part of those hearings we heard a lot about greedy bankers and banks that “soaked” the American people while lining their own pockets with HUGE bonuses. I will concede the point that many of these executives did indeed line their own pockets with huge bonuses and many of them knew what they were doing was wrong and did anyway.

However something that every liberal Congress Critter started calling for immediately was a law to “claw back” these bonuses. In other words take back the bonuses that were already paid because in the opinion of these Congress Critters they did not earn that money (talk about calling the kettle black!) so they felt it was only justified that these bonuses be “clawed back”.

Question to consider…

How many of these Congressional Snakes will start calling to “claw back” the bonuses of all of these worthless government workers, VA officials, etc. that helped perpetrate this horrendous crime on our veterans. Fair is fair. If Wall Street had to give up their bonuses for lying and cheating seems only fair that these ass hats from the VA should have to do the same.

Would anyone care to offer any odds that this is EVEN BROUGHT UP much less actually implemented. You won’t hear anything but crickets and silence waiting to hear this possible solution offered up. Luckily though that idiot in the White House cancelled all future bonuses… at least until nobody is looking and he can quietly slip them back in on Friday afternoon when nobody is paying attention.

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