Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show Postponed

According to a write up on a gun rights advocacy site in Ohio the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show has postponed their show held annually in Harrisburg PA after the show promoters [Reed Exhibitions] made the idiotic decision to not allow the display, promotion, or sale of modern sporting firearms at the show; called by moronic politicians who are more interested in creating emotional knee jerk laws, “assault weapons”, but which the rest of us simply call modern sporting firearms.

After Reed Exhibitions made this ill fated decision many exhibitors both big and small alike starting pulling out of the show.  In a show of solidarity against the vicious assault on the 2nd Amendment that Obama and his criminal henchman are attempting and Reed Exhibitions is assisting with.  Many of these exhibitors realized it is time to draw a line in the sand and not allow Obama and his cronies to take away our liberties and freedoms with the help of groups like Reed Exhibitions by trying to divide gun owners so they can be conquered more easily.

The objective here is simple.  Obama and his victim disarmament groups in Congress want to strip people of their 2nd Amendment rights.  They are trying an old, but still viable tactic by trying to divide gun owners against each other.  They tell gun owners who are hunters and may not own a modern sporting rifle that they aren’t coming for their guns so they should support the cause.  Then they go to people who only own a handgun [with the proper size magazine that only holds 10 rounds or less] and tells them they aren’t trying to take their guns for self defense either.

They keep dividing and pitting groups against each other until they get the group that does have modern sporting rifles down to a manageable number and then they crush them with minimal political backlash because they have divided them into a nice small group that can be isolated, called fringe wackos by the left wing media, show polling data that is highly suspect and skewed by dishonest pollsters that show “most Americans” back this “common sense” legislation, etc.

Once that step is done then the victim disarmament groups wait until a little time has passed and Americans go back to sleep watching idiotic reality shows and then they set up the next group of guns they don’t like and begin the process all over again until they get the next ban through.  Of course the process is gradual and that is what makes it so insidious because all the gun owners who aren’t affected by it simply let it go because their guns are not being taken…yet.

Companies like Reed Exhibitions that helps this process by deliberately barring these modern sporting rifles from their shows and helping to isolate these gun owners is truly deplorable.  What is worse is they appear to be totally oblivious to their role in the situation as evidenced by this from their press release…

“It has become very clear to us after speaking with our customers that the event could not be held because the atmosphere of this year’s show would not be conducive to an event that is designed to provide family enjoyment. It is unfortunate that in the current emotionally charged atmosphere this celebratory event has become overshadowed by a decision that directly affected a small percentage of more than 1,000 exhibits showcasing products and services for those interested in hunting and fishing.

“ESS has long been proud to participate in the preservation and promotion of hunting and fishing traditions, and we hope that as the national debate clarifies, we will have an opportunity to consider rescheduling the event when the time is right to focus on the themes it celebrates.”

Emphasis above is mine.  No, what is truly unfortunate is that our very freedom and liberties are under assault and you are helping the people that are trying steal our rights!  Yes, the environment is emotionally charged, most freedom loving sovereign individuals tend to object when you put them in chains!  Worse you are throwing those people who are showing solidarity with us under the bus by implying this is their problem!  You caused this by helping an illegitimate dictator like Obama divide us!

I am happy that Reed Exhibitions will take a financial hit on this.  I hope they come to their senses and join us instead of working against us.  In this battle you are either for freedom and liberty or you are against it.  No middle ground here.

To all the exhibitors who have chosen to pull out, many of you small business, I applaud you and recognize you as a brother in arms fighting the good fight against tyrants and dictators like Obama, Feinstein, and the rest of their cronies.

To you small business owners who have chosen to show solidarity with us, I understand the difficulty of your decision.  I understand that this decision did not come easily, but it is only in difficult times that someone’s character is proven.  You have proved yours.  As a small business owner myself I understand.

I encourage EVERYONE who is with us in this fight of the century to use your wallets to support these businesses and punish our enemies by not supporting them.

Remember patriots what Ben Franklin said of the Continental Congress when facing down the tyrants of the British Empire…

“Gentleman we shall hang together or most assuredly we will hang separately”

Gun owners this is where we are at today.  We are facing another tyrant with Obama and his criminal henchman.  We must face them together and unite.  Do NOT let them divide us!  Dig in and fight!  This battle will not be won in a day or a week.  We have at least 4 years that we know of.


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