Congress, err, I mean the President Should Do his Job!

According to the eloquent speaking lying Jay Carney he is quoted as saying…

“The president has always said he will talk about anything. What he won’t do is pay a ransom…in exchange for Congress doing its fundamental job.”

Really? “Willing to talk about anything”… how big of him. Maybe sometime before the end of his presidency or this country, whichever comes first, we can actually get him to do something instead of just talking about it. So far the only thing I have seen Obama do is talk such as blaming Bush for everything, making excuses for his failures, or denying any knowledge of damn near anything that happens in his administration such as IRS abuses, gun running at the justice (small “j” since they don’t actually dispense Justice) Department or failure to save 4 brave Americans who died waiting for help in Benghazi.

Also, speaking of jobs, isn’t it the job of the Senate (The Democratically controlled one) to create a budget, which for some strange reason we have not seen in 5 YEARS! Or here is another one, how about voting on the HUGE pile of funding bills the House has sent to them already. Call me crazy, but I thought the Senate was a voting body, but you wouldn’t know if from their utter failure to vote on any of the funding bills sitting on their desk right now.

You see, Carney, if the Senate would do their job not only would veterans be allowed to see their own Memorials, but their families might actually be paid some death benefits as well, but we wouldn’t have to have these battles every year or so because we would know how much to spend by LOOKING AT THE BUDGET!!!! you nitwit!

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