Pending Obamacare Legal Decision Summed Up

The Supreme Court is ready to rule on the question of subsidies for Obamacare anytime this month. Chances are they have already voted on it and the decision is being written up as I write this and will be announced soon.

This will go one of two ways, kind of like a simple decision tree. Either in an effort to again re-write what the law actually says one or more of the Justices will “find” something in there that justifies it and rule in favor of Obama and the subsidies, thus protecting Obamacare yet again from complete destruction, which is where it should have went years ago. Personally, this is what I believe will happen. I don’t trust that traitor John Roberts to rule on what the law actually says. He will go through legal gymnastics as he did the first time and rule in favor of Obama.

However in the very small chance that I am wrong and the Justices rule against Obama the subsidies will be found illegal and the law will quickly begin to cave in, which brings an interesting problem to bear. The Republicans want changes to the law. Obama doesn’t want anything changed. He [Obama] will dig in and throw a temper tantrum and vow to veto any changes to his precious socialized healthcare program.

The Republicans will be able to pass a reform bill, but Obama will refuse to sign it. The only bill he will sign will be one that makes the subsidies legal without any other changes whatsoever. Meanwhile in approximately 37 states the cost of health insurance will streak into the stratosphere for many people that are receiving subsidies. The policies will become completely unaffordable and they will lose them and possibly be fined for not having insurance they simply cannot afford. These people will begin screaming for blood.

Meanwhile the spineless Republicans will become terrified that the Mongol hordes screaming for their government gravy in the form of subsidies are calling for their heads. They will buckle under the pressure as they always do and give Obama exactly what he wants to pacify both Obama and the Mongol hordes.

Amazingly the same thing happened 2,000 years ago in Rome when the barbarians showed up at the gates of Rome and sacked the city. Only this time the barbarians are already in the city gates and the only thing that will pacify them is for the spineless Republicans to throw more government gravy pacify and shut them up for now, but they will be back. They always come back and they want more and more.

This will not stop until we have another party willing to make the tough decisions (Libertarians) or the system collapses as it is doing right now in Greece. Isn’t it amazing how history just keeps repeating itself over and over again and politicians are dumb enough to believe it will somehow come out differently THIS time.

Ross Ulbricht: Victim of Senseless Drug War

Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison on Friday. Another individual that can be added to the long rabble of victims of the U.S. Government’s senseless war on drugs. He was the creator of the Silk Road web site, which ran on the TOR network and took payment in Bitcoin, thus making the trading of what the government calls “illicit” goods easier and more private.

You can read in plenty of other places how the web site worked and the details of the case. What I wish to focus on specifically is why Mr. Ulbricht was sentenced to life? This was the harshest sentence that could be given and even worse than the prosecution itself was asking for.

The minimum was 20 years. Mr. Ulbricht is 31 years of age so a 20 year stint would have freed him when he was 51 and still left him some semblance of life left to live. However the judge literally threw the book at him and gave him what really amounts to a death sentence. He will now spend the rest of his natural life behind bars and never again know freedom in this life. So why give such a brutal sentence?

The first main reason is the government, like most crime syndicates, doesn’t tolerate competition well. The government needs the “War on Drugs” to finance and finish building the huge police state apparatus it has been quietly building for decades. The so called “Patriot” Act, is simply the latest law that was sold to us to stop terrorism, but is really used to stop competition in the drug war (As of midnight Sunday this has been updated to the USA “Freedom” Act).

In addition, the government needs a large slush fund that isn’t transparent to the public to finance off the books military and spy operations around the globe. If these activities were paid for through traditional channels it would require disclosure in the budget (public information) and be subject to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. Would a good police state allow its subjects to see that kind of stuff?

The drug trade is a very profitable enterprise for the U.S. government and to the extent Silk Road was cutting in on that monopoly was completely unacceptable to the thugocracy running our government. Mr. Ulbricht had to be completely crushed to send a message. The jack booted thugs in the government needed to send a clear message to other young upstarts. You mess with our drug business we will end you and use our kangaroo courts to make it look all nice and legal.

The second reason is far more interesting in my opinion. The technology used to build the Silk Road is readily available all over the Internet. The skills used to harness this technology are available to any web developer worth his/her salt. In other words to set up this enterprise didn’t require vast resources, money, manpower or a large enterprise. It required a web developer with some decent programming skills and a laptop.

Think about that for a moment, some guy in his basement with a laptop can create another Silk Road web site, utilize Bitcoin, TOR, and readily available encryption and create a lucrative marketplace that would literally end the government’s monopoly on the drug trade if it catches on and lots of people do it. In addition, it isn’t just about drugs, in fact, I would argue that is actually a small part of the future.

The real power will come when totally free, anonymous, unregulated, and tax free networks and lassie fare capitalism can truly be practiced without interference from the Federalies. People will be able to buy anything they want without the nanny state blocking it, taxing it, or regulating it.

As new people start to do this they will learn from the mistakes of others. They will learn at the speed of light how to hide more effectively from the growing police state, move money around more quietly and easier, facilitate better more frictionless capitalism and they can do it from anyplace in the world. They will get harder to track and harder to stop.

Such a site can be set up in about month with a little elbow grease. In fact, others have already been set up. Many of them have been shut down, but new ones are coming. Think technology boom, but in this case being used to run circles around the behemoth and slow moving Federalies. The innovations that created our modern Internet can and will be applied to ending the Federalies alternative income schemes and totalitarian control over our lives to exercise truly free markets.

The real reason Mr. Ulbricht was given such a harsh sentence is because he dared open Pandora’s Box, he showed how ANYONE can do this. The government is feeling stark terror right now. They see their precious drug business being usurped by a dude with a laptop. They fully understand that if more and more of these sites pop up that the resources needed to track them all down all over the world and arrest everyone involved will quickly outstrip even their resources and manpower. They are terrified.

Like any jack booted tyrant or animal that is terrified it is lashing out viciously in an attempt to stop the inevitable from occurring. They won’t be successful. More will follow and some will be busted and receive similar treatment, but eventually the market will become unstoppable. They know this. So, in an attempt to strike fear into anyone else thinking of doing this they gave Mr. Ulbricht a life sentence. Not because they care about society, but because he dared to cut into their business and usurp their authority.

Many feel that in this case the punishment didn’t fit crime and is truly an injustice. Sadly it has been this way throughout history. The first pioneers into any endeavor often get the arrows in the back. They die trying to push boundaries and advance into areas unexplored. However his sacrifice will only inspire others.

Others will follow and soon the technology, processes, skills, and brave individuals willing to poke a finger in the eye of the jack booted thugs running the U.S. government’s crime syndicate will grow. Soon they will be unstoppable. The government is terrified.

Obama believes ALL money belongs to government

The House recently passed a bill to abolish the estate tax, which while I completely agree with is still only a micro step in the right direction. Let me be more clear, taxes are morally wrong and ALL of them should be abolished!

Predictably the Communist in Chief, Obama, believes all money belongs to the government and he is not giving any extra back to you. In fact, you should probably just shut up and sit in the back of the bus and be happy with the scraps he generously allows you to keep now. After all, every penny, you keep is “costing” the poor old government!

According to his blog he thinks this is a “giveaway to the rich” at the “expense of the middle class” and it would “cost” too much. Just examine that use of words and language that he has chosen.

It frames the debate in that ALL money belongs to the government and like a person that earns a paycheck by trading value for value and then spends money by making choices. Families or individuals that consider some things too expensive will decide not to spend the money on them because of cost. So when you hear Obama say things like this it sounds like language you or your family would use and therefore is normal. Only it isn’t.

Make no mistake in an effort to manipulate the weak minded unthinking drones he calls supporters he has carefully chosen the exact wording and phrases. He has carefully poll tested and chosen these specific words to sound like you should when making an economic decision so that it sounds reasonable and normal to you when he uses language like this. However there are huge differences as you might imagine.

1.  ALL money does NOT belong to the government! They stole it from you and now when people talk about giving it back to you it becomes a “cost” like they somehow earned it and are making one of those economic decisions. They are are not.

2.  It is NOT a “giveaway” to the “rich” it belonged to them in the first place! They paid taxes on it once already when they earned it! The government STOLE it from them at the point of a gun by threatening violence!

3. The government did NOT provide value for value before stealing this money. I certainly would not pay the taxes I owe for the “services” that the government “provides” unless I had a gun pointed at my head as well.

4. It can’t “cost” the government to simply not steal additional money from you. It was yours to start with.

The childlike arguments made by Obama have no rational basis in logical thinking. This would be like saying that if the government comes along and breaks your leg, but then uses a government program to get you a cast they “healed” you and you should be grateful to them for being so generous.

As usual the Putz in Chief, Obama, is off on his communist rant and couldn’t produce clear rational thought if his life depended on it. Sadly he has droves of equally moronic supporters who are equally incapable of logical and rational thought, which is why our country is in such trouble today.

ISIS is the latest PR stunt for the “War on Terror”

Does anyone remember that nasty horrible terrorist group, Al Qaeda? Sure, some people have a foggy recollection of that group, but most are sure it died when Navy SEALS put some much needed lead into Osama Bin Laden. Unfortunately that left the Neocons and big government guys trying to peddle their “security for freedom” wares again with a problem. If people truly perceive that terrorism is shrinking in the world they won’t have the stomach to go back into Iraq or swallow another “anti-terror” legislation pill.

We already have given up so much freedom that we will never see again. We live in a surveillance state where the government watches everything we do all in the name of “protecting” us from those bad terrorists. What these peddlers of anti-freedom needed was a new sexy sounding threat to scare the American people back into Iraq and willingly accepting even more freedom robbing legislation. Enter ISIS. Doesn’t the name just sound ominous? This is just what the spin doctors ordered. They sound really bad and with every news agency in the country pushing stories out daily and the Internet exploding with stories of them beheading Christians and journalists and others they have created the new “bad guys” ta da!

As Ron Paul states in this article the Neocons are screaming for blood again, the Fed is salivating at the prospect of being able to turn the printing presses back on to full speed to fund another war against another horrible sounding, but this time faceless, terrorist organization. No doubt some additional freedom robbing legislation is sitting in a drawer somewhere in D.C. ready to pull out at just the right time to shove it down our throats again when the right news story breaks.

If Americans buy this again, they are truly fools. This is nothing but another PR campaign to sell us another “solution” in search of a problem for a country we should have never been in, will never bring peace to, and will ultimately be back under another new dictator again very soon. I am not convinced people in the Middle East actually want peace or can live together in peace. However even if I am wrong, the bottom line is, it is their problem and they need to figure it out. We can’t force a solution on them. Nor should we try.

We also can’t be jumping at our shadow every time a new and improved terrorist group is peddled to us by the freedom hating war mongers in Congress. Enough is a enough. Stop believing what these people keep trying to sell. Think for yourself and take your own security into your own hands. Stop thinking these idiots are going to sell you a solution that will work. It won’t. If you truly want personal protection you need to make it for yourself.

Own a gun
Learn how to use it
Get some training
Be aware of your surroundings
Set up your house with some common sense security measures
Have some supplies stored up
Build a family response plan to an emergency
Know your neighbors and community

In other words be THE solution; don’t allow someone else to be your security blanket. What they offer will only give you a false sense of security while quietly erasing more of our precious freedom and wasting more money chasing shadows. I don’t depend on anyone else for my personal security and you shouldn’t either. Step up and do it yourself and put a stop to the “terror is everywhere” hustlers in Congress.

If I don’t like it then ban it!

If I don’t like your TV, radio, book, magazine, guns, speech, etc. then I want it banned! That is a familiar cry of statist everywhere and it is happening again with anti-hunting nut jobs petitioning Facebook to remove legal photos of a legal hunt by a 19 year old Texas girl. It seems to be much more prominent on the left, but the right is not innocent in this area either. No where in the Constitution does it say you have a right to not be offended.

Jones wrote that this was the first big game she shot with a bow. (Image source: Kendall Jones/Facebook)

Jones wrote that this was the first big game she shot with a bow. (Image source: Kendall Jones/Facebook)

When statist disagree with something or are offended by something they resort to calling in government or corporate power to ban said item. Instead of simply allowing that item to have its space in the world and go do something else they want the heavy hand of tyranny to stop it. First, in case any of these clowns who want this girl’s photos banned were to bother looking into the facts, these hunts are all LEGAL! Furthermore, these hunts are actually contributing to the preservation of these animals as a species in Africa.

However in an effort to avoid letting facts get in the way of a good emotional cause tens of thousands of people want Facebook to remove her photos, which again are legal on Facebook and of legal hunts because they [anti-hunting statist] don’t like them. Well, boo hoo. unlike the page and ignore it if you don’t want to see it.

I was in Mexico once and had an opportunity to do a swim with dolphins. The interaction was incredible and better than any similar program in the United States. I was able to spend over an hour in the water with them, swim with them, be pulled around and pushed around the water by them, pet them and have an awesome interaction for a fraction of the cost a much more restricted program in the U.S. offered. Why? Because in Mexico this park would not even exist if it wasn’t for funding from tourist who want a first class experience. Mexico simply doesn’t have the funds to set up these types of preserves and NEEDS tourist dollars to protect these species and provide a sanctuary for them.

It is the same in Africa where this young lady was hunting. Without hunting and the fees it generates they would never have the funds to protect any of these animals or provide a sanctuary for them. Again, the facts show that these animals have actually flourished in population even with controlled and legal hunts being allowed. In addition, without hunting certain animals, with no natural predators (lions and leopards) would eventually become too populated and kill off other species and then die of starvation. Yes, that is so much better than allowing some of them to be hunted.

The bottom line is hunting is necessary to generate money for conservation and keep populations of certain species under control. Gun owners that purchase ammunition and firearms as well as hunters that purchase licenses and equipment generate more money for conservation than all organizations of HSUS, PETA, or any of the other radical anti-hunting groups combined! Contrary to the belief of the morons who support these groups, hunters don’t wish to kill off all the animals they love. We want to preserve them so future generations of hunters can also enjoy the sport. Hunters have a symbiotic relationship with the animals we hunt.

I congratulate this young lady for her interest in hunting and the benefits to the preservation of these animals she provides. Carry on!

Justice John Roberts – Traitor!

With one vote Justice John Roberts has just betrayed the Constitution, the American people and has permanently altered the power of the Federal Government by siding with the socialist in this country and saying it was OK to allow the Federal government to force people to buy health insurance!  That’s right folks this traitor just said there are NO LIMITS on Federal power now because the individual mandate in Obama Care is OK!

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves right now.  They never envisioned a country where the Federal government could come along and force people to buy something simply for the privilege of being a citizen, but Justice Roberts has changed all of that with one vote.  He has said the mandate “is like a tax” which means the government can regulate it.  That is total B.S.!  It is a mandate forcing people to buy health insurance!  Anyone who thought this guy was a conservative that believed in limited government has been proven TOTALLY wrong and has ended that debate once and for all.  He has given the Federal thugs the green light to do ANYTHING they want now.  The future laws of this country will be forever altered just as they were in 1942 with the Wickard v. Filburn decision because of his betrayal!

Leading up to this decision everyone in the media kept talking about which “Conservative” Justice would side with the liberals and socialist to give them a win.  Most thought it would be Kennedy, but it wasn’t.  It was that stalwart of conservative belief that titan of the Constitution and now traitor Justice John Roberts.

Today is a dark day for freedom, liberty, and the Constitution and it was all made possible by a traitor.  I hope all remember that.

Obama Claims Executive Privilege to Cover up Fast & Furious

Today in an 11th hour bid to protect his failed presidency, failed attorney general, and ever growing scandal to introduce new gun control legislation Obama invokes Executive Privilege to keep Congress from getting documents about Fast & Furious.  Sadly, this coward is also avoiding giving answers to the family of Brian Terry, who is the border control agent murdered with guns provided by Obama’s Department of Justice.  His family and America will never get answers about how such a program was even allowed to be created, who was responsible for it, and more importantly what was done to keep it from happening again or to the people responsible for creating the program in the first place.

Perhaps Obama should be re-named the “Coward in Chief” instead of the Commander in Chief, because a true leader would stand up and take responsibility and give answers to this poor man’s family and deal swift justice to the people who are responsible for this botched scheme.  However he won’t, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone.  That is what cowards and tyrants do when they are protecting their political futures and their corrupt administration.  Let’s see if the American people let him get away with it.

From the beginning Fast & Furious was cooked up by Holder and Obama to gin up support for another “assault weapon ban”, which they couldn’t get through the Congress unless they could create a crisis first.  The purpose of Fast & Furious was to make a lie magically turn into the truth.  The administration and gun control advocates everywhere have been claiming that guns used by Mexican drug cartels were obtained because of the U.S. lax gun laws.  Of course it was a lie as well.  Our gun laws are neither lax nor responsible for Mexico’s violence.

However the Coward in Chief needed to make this lie the truth so they cooked up Fast & Furious.  The purpose from the beginning was to allow guns to “walk” into Mexico and when they started getting used in crimes as they knew they would then this would “prove” to the nation that these guns came from the U.S. and therefore our gun laws were lax and we needed a permanent “assault weapon ban” among what I am sure would have been many other onerous pieces of gun control legislation.

Unfortunately for Obama this scheme back fired and Brian Terry was killed with one of these “walked” guns.  The cover up began almost immediately.  Attorney General, Eric Holder, has spent the last year stonewalling Congress and playing keep away with the documents he knows will prove that Obama was behind this and it was nothing more than a plan to gin up support for gun control.

Now some very important questions need to be asked.  Executive Privilege is designed so that the President can communicate about issues with his advisers and not worry about the press getting that info.  However the President must be involved and we were told from the beginning that the President not only did not know about any of this, but also had no involvement whatsoever so how does he get to claim Executive Privilege for something he had no involvement with and did not even know about according to his claims for the last year.

Further, he criticized George W. Bush for “hiding” behind Executive Privilege and doing what he says was the same thing he is doing right now on a much less serious issue where a border agent was not killed and the family left looking for answers…

Fortunately we were promised the most transparent government in history while he was running for office so I am sure any day now he will see the error of his ways and come clean.  Of course if you believe that I have a bridge in the Sahara I will sell you at a great price.  Obama is a liar and a coward if he continues to hide behind this Executive Privilege and the American people deserve so much more from their President.  Come November I hope enough Americans see that and take out the garbage.


Scott Walker of Wisconsin Crushes Labor Unions and Liberals

Well the vote is in and Scott Walker of Wisconsin has crushed the labor unions and liberals who have poured tons of money and man hours into recalling the governor for having the audacity to trim their outrageous compensation packages a little bit.  God forbid they have to pay what people in the private sector have to pay for benefits.

As it was leading up to the election I heard all the liberals and unions out in force repeating the same talking points, i.e. how Scott Walker “balanced the budget on the backs of the middle class.” of course they don’t add any detail to that statement.  They just say it as a general platitude.  The other platitude I heard was this was a war by “the man” on the middle class.  Really.

Unions make up approximately 12% of the workforce.  Public sector unions are a subset of that.  Everything Scott Walker did ONLY affected the public sector unions.  It did absolutely NOTHING to the private unions like the UAW, Teamsters, etc.

Public sector unions are paid by government who obtain their funds by taxing people.  Taxes, you know, where the government comes to you and holds a gun to your head and forces you to pay a portion of your pay.  Fortunately, it is totally voluntary according the IRS.  So taxes collected on EVERYBODY is what funds government, which pays for all the benefits and pay packages of members of the public sector union workers.  Got it so far?

The Wisconsin public sector unions make up less than 12% of the work force.  If we assume that all of them are middle class, which by the way is hard to imagine when some of them are paid $130K per year BEFORE benefits!, but I digress.  Let’s assume that they are all middle class.  If we subtract 12% of the workforce from 100% we are left with a paltry majority of 88% of the workforce, many of them middle class as well who are not in a union.  So what about the rights of THESE middle class workers?

Is it OK for public sector unions to build THEIR pay packages on the backs of other middle class workers?  Is it OK for middle class workers who are not in union to have to pay more for all of their benefits and still get lower benefit plans and also have to kick in a healthy chunk for taxes to pay for the unions pay packages?

Unions, especially public sector unions have extraordinary pay and benefit packages.  It exceeds most private sector workers doing the same type of jobs.  It seems to me if the Unions had won yesterday and recalled Scott Walker they would be the ones building their excessive wealth on the backs of the middle class who have to pay all the taxes to support them.  12% vs. 88%…. sure that seems fair.  Oh, by the way even though the unions took a hair cut on their benefits packages they STILL pay LESS and get MORE than private sector workers even now!  So to all of you union workers living in a world of make believe that you are middle class and the only ones who apparently deserve any rights, cry me a river.