Federal Government Robbery – Again!

It is probably a good thing that we have digital media available to discuss this since we would probably run out of paper and ink if we had to print the number of incidents where the Federal Government Cartel robs another innocent American of private property!

In this latest countless incident the DEA robs a nail salon owner of his savings of 20 years and “claims” it was gained through vague illegal activities. No charges were filed. No evidence produced. No explanation given outside of the vague claim by the DEA that stole the cash.

Sadly these incidents are happening with alarming frequency on our highways and airports across this once free land. The people our tax dollars employ to protect us from ACTUAL criminals are instead using the funds to BECOME criminals, thieves, highway robbers and legal government enforcers against the very citizens they swore to protect!

Under this completely unconstitutional law known as asset forfeiture the Federalies in conjunction with their local enforcers are pretty much allowed to rob you at will on highways and airports across our country. All they have to do is make a vague claim that the cash or property was derived from criminal activity, which they don’t have to prove (violation of due process from Constitution) and they just keep it.

If you want your property back YOU have to hire a lawyer, file a lawsuit, and fight for months and IF you are lucky the Federalies may give you back HALF of your money! Of course the other half was probably used in paying lawyers to get back the illegal confiscation in the first place. You basically have to prove your innocent instead of the other way around by our Constitution.

This wonderful law is used against small business owners by the IRS in incidents like this, this and this. As well as against citizens driving on our highways or traveling in our airports by thugs from the DEA, TSA, and a whole host of local thug enforcers that actually go to seminars to learn how to do this with more brutal efficiency!

Please tell me again what the difference is between criminal enterprises like the Mafia and our own Federal government because the lines are getting really blurry.

Obama believes ALL money belongs to government

The House recently passed a bill to abolish the estate tax, which while I completely agree with is still only a micro step in the right direction. Let me be more clear, taxes are morally wrong and ALL of them should be abolished!

Predictably the Communist in Chief, Obama, believes all money belongs to the government and he is not giving any extra back to you. In fact, you should probably just shut up and sit in the back of the bus and be happy with the scraps he generously allows you to keep now. After all, every penny, you keep is “costing” the poor old government!

According to his blog he thinks this is a “giveaway to the rich” at the “expense of the middle class” and it would “cost” too much. Just examine that use of words and language that he has chosen.

It frames the debate in that ALL money belongs to the government and like a person that earns a paycheck by trading value for value and then spends money by making choices. Families or individuals that consider some things too expensive will decide not to spend the money on them because of cost. So when you hear Obama say things like this it sounds like language you or your family would use and therefore is normal. Only it isn’t.

Make no mistake in an effort to manipulate the weak minded unthinking drones he calls supporters he has carefully chosen the exact wording and phrases. He has carefully poll tested and chosen these specific words to sound like you should when making an economic decision so that it sounds reasonable and normal to you when he uses language like this. However there are huge differences as you might imagine.

1.  ALL money does NOT belong to the government! They stole it from you and now when people talk about giving it back to you it becomes a “cost” like they somehow earned it and are making one of those economic decisions. They are are not.

2.  It is NOT a “giveaway” to the “rich” it belonged to them in the first place! They paid taxes on it once already when they earned it! The government STOLE it from them at the point of a gun by threatening violence!

3. The government did NOT provide value for value before stealing this money. I certainly would not pay the taxes I owe for the “services” that the government “provides” unless I had a gun pointed at my head as well.

4. It can’t “cost” the government to simply not steal additional money from you. It was yours to start with.

The childlike arguments made by Obama have no rational basis in logical thinking. This would be like saying that if the government comes along and breaks your leg, but then uses a government program to get you a cast they “healed” you and you should be grateful to them for being so generous.

As usual the Putz in Chief, Obama, is off on his communist rant and couldn’t produce clear rational thought if his life depended on it. Sadly he has droves of equally moronic supporters who are equally incapable of logical and rational thought, which is why our country is in such trouble today.

Philadelphia Extorts Bloggers

It would seem the City of Philadelphia, the site of our once Continental Congress, has decided to use its enforcers to shake down bloggers for cash. Of course they wrap it all up in a pretty package called a Business “Privilege” License and make it sound all official, but at the end of the day it is a shake down akin to a visit from the local Mafia thug.

It seems that if you operate a business, which now includes blogs, you need a license from government! They have gone so far as to refer to it as a “privilege” license! Please show me anywhere in our Constitution where it says any level of government can grant businesses a “privilege” license for the sum of $300 to start a business. Anyone? I thought not.

This goes against the very core of freedom and the First Amendment. Now I would never, ever, ever tell anyone to break the laws of our great nation so what I write next is only theoretical mind you. If you are a handy web developer you may want to consider (theoretically) doing the following if you find yourself at the receiving end of something like this…

1. Set up your site on a server in another country.
2. Use a VPN to access your site.
3. Encrypt all of your files on your existing hard drive.
4. Use email encryption when conducting business.
5. Never admit to anything.
6. Conduct financial transactions using Bitcoin.

Of course this is just a theoretical idea for the sake of conversation for intellectually curious Libertarians 🙂

Obama to Rule Internet by Fiat!

Here we go again, Obama taking the HUGE hammer of government and crushing the last bastion of freedom left in the U.S., the Internet. The Internet has remained free for the most part until now. Because of this freedom, just like everywhere else it is tried, entrepreneurship and innovation has created an unprecedented level of wealth, services, and efficiencies. As usual anything that is working well is something Obama wishes to get his little paws into and screw up and so here we go again with “Net Neutrality”.

Like most big government based “solutions” looking for a problem to solve it sounds all nice and fair. We are told those evil big corporations should “not be picking winners and losers” in terms of determining who gets a bigger pipeline to content.

Sadly this didn’t seem to apply when Obama was padding his cronies in the green energy sector and picking winners and losers there. Where a “winner” was a “business” that would get a big donation from you the tax payer via Obama’s big government giveaway program and then turn around and give a big donation of some of that same money to Obama’s campaign. After all this the company usually went out of business because it was a stupid idea and poorly managed to start. Anyone remember Solyndra? Talk about money laundering!

However in reality this regulation has so much more than “fairness” built into it. Like Obamacare, you remember, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. How about that promise of more affordable healthcare? How is that working for you?

This law will regulate far more than just who gets broadband access. If you let the grubby little tyrants in they will eventually be levying taxes, regulating commerce that goes over the web, limiting free speech, controlling cryptography on “its” Internet. It will regulate prices and so much more.

This has got to stop. This little dictator has to go! As a small business I have been involved in the Internet for over 20 years and yes, you little thug, I did build it! I want you to stay away from the Internet. You have already regulated and strangled so much of our freedom in just about every other area of life you need to leave this alone.

Here is a semi-related article from the architect of Obamacare about how they had to mislead and fool the American people and depend on “voter stupidity” into accepting Obamacare and now they plan to do the same thing with this piece of crap law.

It truly will be Obamacare for the Internet! Here are just some of the great things currently available that I can see being outlawed once the little thin skinned dictator gets his hands on regulating the Internet…

  • Ending or highly regulating Bitcoin because transactions occur over the Internet.

  • Levying taxes on all eCommerce

  • Eliminating the use of cryptography for email and other file transfers or at the very least building in government only back doors, you know, just for totally legitimate law enforcement, not to spy or anything bad like that.

  • Controlling wages and prices for services that occur over the Internet.

  • Controlling or deciding what is “acceptable” free speech over the Internet and being able to ban “hate speech” which of course they get to decide what the definition of “hate” is, i.e. read political opinions they don’t agree with.

Plus don’t forget the giant expansion of government workers, massive budgets that grow every single year and brand new previously non-existent departments to manage all of this regulation! Remember like any other government monstrosity once that crap is created it NEVER goes away!

The American people need to stand up and fight this little tyrant and tell the thin skinned dictator to leave the Internet alone! Free was how it was started. Free is how it should remain.

Only freedom and minimal regulation will allow the next 20 plus years to create the same level of wealth, innovation and efficiency as the last 20 years. Get lost you little tyrant! Find some rock to crawl under until 2016 when we can finally be rid of your stupid ideas and piss poor “leadership”!

Modern Day Kulaks

According to Wikipedia the Kulak were a class of farmers in early to mid 20th Century Russia.  These farmers are described as being a wealthier group of peasant farmers that were so numerous at that time.

They are loosely described as having middle class values, land-owners, prosperous, anti-communist, self-reliant, religious and had more live stock than other farmers.  Many were wealthy enough to make small loans to other villagers and hire some people to help with the farm labor.  Unfortunately these poor souls had the unfortunate bad luck of being born in the rise of communist Russia.

As a result you might imagine a group like this was looked at a bit differently by communist leaders…

Vladimir Lenin described them as “bloodsuckers, vampires, plunderers of the people and profiteers, who batten on famine.

Sounds about right for a socialist.  As a result these people were set upon by the mobs of their day, the socialists.  They were ostracized, stripped of their farms, sent to labor camps and ultimately murdered.  Some were “lucky” enough to simply be deported to some of the most barren parts of Russia after being stripped of everything, but their lives.

Interestingly the ones who were deported, many of them began to rebuild in their new homes and become prosperous once again to the angst of the socialist regime.  See these people had something special.  They were rugged, self-reliant individuals who knew their craft (farming) extremely well.  They also understood how to create wealth as opposed to simply take it from others after it had been created.  Because of this they could be successful just about anywhere.

The farms that were stolen from these people were turned into “collectives” for the “common good” and shared by all the people.  Classic communism and socialism.

As you read this if you start saying to yourself that this sounds eerily familiar it is probably because you have been hearing very similar things come from Obama and many of his goons over the last 5 years.

While we don’t technically have a group called the Kulak in the U.S. today and most people don’t make their living in agriculture any longer I do believe we still have a modern day equivalent of this group.

TEA Party Member
Small Business Owners
Gun Owners

There are certainly some I am leaving out, but my point is there is a group of people in this country who have middle class values, are self-reliant, have prosperity (at least they did until Obama was elected) and have a little more than some other people.

Today these may be small business owners who share beliefs with the libertarian philosophy, may be TEA Party supporters and may also be gun owners.  They understand how to take care of themselves and don’t want or need the Federal government sticking its fat ass into their business.

I know because I am part of this group.  While I am not a farmer I do share many of the traits that made up the Kulak of Russia.

The group(s) above is as hated by the socialists of today as the Kulak were of the socialists of their day.  Obama is a socialist and parrots the beliefs of Lenin and Marx.  Hell, he even uses some of the same phrases and certainly uses the same tactics to the extent he can get away with it.  He still faces too much opposition to move as quickly as Lenin and later Stalin did in Russia, but he is no less ambitious.

Nothing angers socialists, like Obama, more than having a group of people thwart and rebuff his plans for “spreading the wealth” just as Lenin did in his day.  His speeches and rhetoric shows his hatred for small business owners and TEA Party/libertarian minded people.

As a result he has used the IRS, tax policy, regulations, and of course his rhetoric and speeches to destroy and demonize these groups and individuals.  He would do to them what happened to the Kulaks in Russia tomorrow if he could get away with it.

Thugs like Obama simply can’t understand people like the Kulak’s of old and their modern day equivalents.  He and his goons don’t want independent thinking, self-reliant and prosperous people who believe in private property and hold middle class values around.  Such people will not submit to him just as the Kulak’s of old would not submit to the grain confiscations of Lenin and Stalin.

So to all of those individuals who are self-reliant, can think independently, may be small business owners and share some or many beliefs of the libertarian philosophy… keep doing what you are doing.  You will always be successful and as a result will always be hated by people like Obama and the people who support and vote for him.

In future posts I will be discussing my ideas of how to live this lifestyle even more and continue to stick your thumb in the eye of tyrants like Obama and his many “Czars”.

Unfortunately like the Kulaks of Russia we can’t help what era and under what tyrant we currently live under, but just like them we can resist and resist we should.  In the end we may lose, but make sure you go down swinging just as the Kulak of old did.

Isn’t it interesting how history does indeed keep repeating itself, right down to language used.

Government Mafia Hates Competition

It was reported in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that our mafia like government has decided to start treating all virtual currencies like Bitcoin under the rules of money laundering.  Of course they throw out the old excuse of “it is used to commit illegal…blah, blah”.

What does the Mafia do when a rival organization starts creeping in on their business and operations?  They start a gang war and crush them.  The Mafia hates competition in crime.  So does our government.

They have a solid strangle hold on the printing of currency and the regulation of virtually every financial dealing not only within the U.S. but also many other countries.  For example, the IRS has very few places in the globe it can’t reach.

Bitcoin was that rival gang showing up.  It allowed a totally private and non-government controlled currency for freedom loving people to use.  That infuriates the government control autocrats!  How dare anyone have access to financial privacy or a stable currency that isn’t printed up out of thin air.  So they have moved to crush it under the rules of “money laundering”.

Don’t ever forget crime syndicates hate competition.

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show Postponed

According to a write up on a gun rights advocacy site in Ohio the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show has postponed their show held annually in Harrisburg PA after the show promoters [Reed Exhibitions] made the idiotic decision to not allow the display, promotion, or sale of modern sporting firearms at the show; called by moronic politicians who are more interested in creating emotional knee jerk laws, “assault weapons”, but which the rest of us simply call modern sporting firearms.

After Reed Exhibitions made this ill fated decision many exhibitors both big and small alike starting pulling out of the show.  In a show of solidarity against the vicious assault on the 2nd Amendment that Obama and his criminal henchman are attempting and Reed Exhibitions is assisting with.  Many of these exhibitors realized it is time to draw a line in the sand and not allow Obama and his cronies to take away our liberties and freedoms with the help of groups like Reed Exhibitions by trying to divide gun owners so they can be conquered more easily.

The objective here is simple.  Obama and his victim disarmament groups in Congress want to strip people of their 2nd Amendment rights.  They are trying an old, but still viable tactic by trying to divide gun owners against each other.  They tell gun owners who are hunters and may not own a modern sporting rifle that they aren’t coming for their guns so they should support the cause.  Then they go to people who only own a handgun [with the proper size magazine that only holds 10 rounds or less] and tells them they aren’t trying to take their guns for self defense either.

They keep dividing and pitting groups against each other until they get the group that does have modern sporting rifles down to a manageable number and then they crush them with minimal political backlash because they have divided them into a nice small group that can be isolated, called fringe wackos by the left wing media, show polling data that is highly suspect and skewed by dishonest pollsters that show “most Americans” back this “common sense” legislation, etc.

Once that step is done then the victim disarmament groups wait until a little time has passed and Americans go back to sleep watching idiotic reality shows and then they set up the next group of guns they don’t like and begin the process all over again until they get the next ban through.  Of course the process is gradual and that is what makes it so insidious because all the gun owners who aren’t affected by it simply let it go because their guns are not being taken…yet.

Companies like Reed Exhibitions that helps this process by deliberately barring these modern sporting rifles from their shows and helping to isolate these gun owners is truly deplorable.  What is worse is they appear to be totally oblivious to their role in the situation as evidenced by this from their press release…

“It has become very clear to us after speaking with our customers that the event could not be held because the atmosphere of this year’s show would not be conducive to an event that is designed to provide family enjoyment. It is unfortunate that in the current emotionally charged atmosphere this celebratory event has become overshadowed by a decision that directly affected a small percentage of more than 1,000 exhibits showcasing products and services for those interested in hunting and fishing.

“ESS has long been proud to participate in the preservation and promotion of hunting and fishing traditions, and we hope that as the national debate clarifies, we will have an opportunity to consider rescheduling the event when the time is right to focus on the themes it celebrates.”

Emphasis above is mine.  No, what is truly unfortunate is that our very freedom and liberties are under assault and you are helping the people that are trying steal our rights!  Yes, the environment is emotionally charged, most freedom loving sovereign individuals tend to object when you put them in chains!  Worse you are throwing those people who are showing solidarity with us under the bus by implying this is their problem!  You caused this by helping an illegitimate dictator like Obama divide us!

I am happy that Reed Exhibitions will take a financial hit on this.  I hope they come to their senses and join us instead of working against us.  In this battle you are either for freedom and liberty or you are against it.  No middle ground here.

To all the exhibitors who have chosen to pull out, many of you small business, I applaud you and recognize you as a brother in arms fighting the good fight against tyrants and dictators like Obama, Feinstein, and the rest of their cronies.

To you small business owners who have chosen to show solidarity with us, I understand the difficulty of your decision.  I understand that this decision did not come easily, but it is only in difficult times that someone’s character is proven.  You have proved yours.  As a small business owner myself I understand.

I encourage EVERYONE who is with us in this fight of the century to use your wallets to support these businesses and punish our enemies by not supporting them.

Remember patriots what Ben Franklin said of the Continental Congress when facing down the tyrants of the British Empire…

“Gentleman we shall hang together or most assuredly we will hang separately”

Gun owners this is where we are at today.  We are facing another tyrant with Obama and his criminal henchman.  We must face them together and unite.  Do NOT let them divide us!  Dig in and fight!  This battle will not be won in a day or a week.  We have at least 4 years that we know of.


Bitcoin Sells its Soul

Bitcoin was a fantastic innovation in the freedom based currency. Notice the operative word “was” in there. Up until they inked a deal to become a bank they were a totally independent online payment network without any ties to any country. You could use them to conduct totally private transactions that you didn’t want Big Brother snooping around in. It was like the legendary Swiss Bank Account of 40 years ago, but even more independent because it lived in computer networks scattered around the globe.

Sadly, that has come to an end now because they inked a deal to be recognized as a bank. As the article says now they are on the same [completely non-private] footing as Pay Pal and other sell outs to the global free money movement. They claim they did this to make it easier for novices to use and lend them some legitimacy. Unfortunately what they did not understand is that “legitimacy” comes with a cost. It costs them their free status and now subjects them to a zillion and one government rules.

Doing this is like inking a deal with the devil. Anyone who has ever watched a bad horror movie knows you can’t EVER enter a deal with the devil without getting screwed. So it will be with Bitcoin. For example, if Interpol wants to track down a specific purchase made between two private individuals who used Bitcoin they simply need to flex their Big Brother muscles on Bitcoin using the new handy dandy bank rules they are under and get the identities and accounts cracked open for a looksy.

Suspect someone of “tax fraud” and want to take a little peak [without a warrant] just contact Bitcoin and press the newly installed bank rule button for instant Big Brother [warrantless] access.

I can hear the chorus of defenders to this move now…

  • Only criminals need anonymous transactions…
  • If you didn’t do anything wrong what do you have to hide…
  • This is really only going to be used to keep people “safe”

Yes, this was a big move for Bitcoin. They just signed a deal with Satan and now those people who used them for anonymity will pay the price. Thanks, Bitcoin for being a standup defender of freedom and privacy.

Obama says “You didn’t build that!”

President Obama recently said: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

We are told all of us entrepreneurs out here who object to these harsh words are taking the President “out of context”. What he really meant was that we got help, we had a great teacher, we used roads built by others. I happen to know something about business because I am a business owner. I have been for the last 8 years. My business is an Internet based business, the same Internet that Obama says the government built and is responsible for my success. Fine, Obama…

  • Did the Internet build all the web sites I created over the years?
  • Did that government sponsored Internet promote those web sites and make them successful?
  • Did the Internet spend countless hours writing the content for all of those web sites?
  • Did the Internet come to my office and spend hours and hours coding, creating, and building?
  • Did the Internet make the phone calls and go on the sales calls?
  • Did the Internet work long weekends and late nights to make the deadlines?
  • Did the Internet come and help me stuff hundreds of pieces of mail to help promote my business?
  • Did the Internet hire the people I have employed over the years to help build my business?
  • Did the Internet pay my contractors and employees?
  • Did the Internet go to the bank and plead my case to get a line of credit to expand?
  • Did the Internet sign on the dotted line at the bank telling the bank I was PERSONALLY responsible for those loans if the business went south?
  • Did the Internet come over and help me figure out how to make payroll when cash flow was bad?

Obama you are a deplorable excuse for a President and haven’t got a clue what small business owners go through or have done. How could you. You have never worked in the private sector your whole life. You have been coddled by government programs and institutions your entire life. You don’t understand how free enterprise works and because you don’t understand it you fear and criticize it. It is a mystery to you and will always remain so.

Let me just say I DID BUILD THIS! I didn’t build it because of your help I built it in SPITE of you! I have spent the last 4 years trying to survive the horrible economy YOU, not George W. Bush are responsible for! I built it and accepted less money for my work to pay the taxes you piled on me!  I paid thousands of dollars to attorneys and accountants to show me how to safely navigate all the B.S. regulations, laws, and road blocks you put in my way everyday!  As an entrepreneur I AM responsible for my success OR my failure. Nobody else, which is more than I can say for the pathetic excuses you offer for your own failures…

  • It is George Bush’s fault
  • It is the Arab Spring
  • It is a Tsunami
  • It is the debt crisis in Europe
  • It is the Republicans
  • It is do nothing Congress
  • It is politics
  • It is, it is, it is…

Unlike you I can’t go out and spend millions of dollars lying to the American people about my failures and still keep my job. My evaluators are the free market and it doesn’t accept pathetic excuses like you spout everyday.

When I don’t deliver I lose money and if I lose too much money I don’t have a business. What is more, is the government, a great teacher, the government built Internet or roads or any of the other people who you say are responsible for my success seem to be strangely absent when my failure is on the line. But like most parasites the second I make one dollar in income your stupid ass shows up with your hand out telling me to pay “my fair share” and “we need to spread the wealth around” the wealth I created with my two hands not you!  Yes, my mind, my hands created this!  The mind and hands of an INDIVIDUAL not a collective.  Individuals built all the great things in this country!

If the American people are dumb enough to re-elect you it shows that I am in the minority of people that still believe in freedom, liberty, and really know how to build a business. If that horrible outcome comes to pass I will have to think long and hard if I want to continue to carry you and your leeches any longer.

Who is John Galt?