Layaway for Guns

Does anyone remember a long time ago when stores offered layaway programs for customers?  For those that don’t what it allowed you to do is put products you shopped for on hold and allowed you to pay a little each month until the products were yours.

OK, let me ask an easier question, do you remember way back to 10 months ago when Obama and his merry band of fellow gun banners, Shumer, Fienstein and others were pushing REALLY hard to fulfill a very long wish list of gun and magazine bans as they danced in the blood of the Newtown victims?  Of course you do because your ability to purchase ANY gun related products was about nil.

Here we are with shelves FINALLY starting to fill up again and a choice that shooters are again faced with.  My recommendation is that every single month people buy something to expand their shooting lockers.  Not necessarily a new firearm every month, but certainly things like magazines, ammo (yes I am aware it is still in short supply in many places), firearms, accessories, etc.  I am not recommending you break the bank every month.

Like the layaway programs of old days, just buy a little every month, but be consistent buy something every single month.  Consider it a savings plan against the next gun banner bazaar that we are only one mass shooting away from.

You see our enemies in the gun ban crowd will ALWAYS exploit every tragedy they can find and dance in the blood of victims, often times before any facts are even known to call for new gun bans.

Unfortunately every time this happens it is like a lottery with your rights.  First, is the Congressional make up, President, and Supreme Court lined up in the gun banners favor?  Remember the first 2 years of Obama’s first term they had a veto proof majority in both chambers of Congress and all it would have taken during that first 2 years is for Newtown to be 3 years earlier and the loss of rights would have been devastating and permanent.

The point is that you can never tell when the stars will align perfectly for the gun banners to ram home some or all of their wish list leading to total civilian disarmament.  Make no mistake this is their goal regardless of what they *say* in front of the cameras while the duplicitous rats plot behind the scenes.

These liberty robbing scum are also relentless.  They will NEVER stop working, plotting and scheming to remove your rights.  NEVER, EVER, believe you are safe from their plots and agendas, you aren’t.  Even when you aren’t hearing from them doesn’t mean they aren’t carefully working behind the scenes and assembling the next freedom robbing law and waiting for the next tragedy to exploit to ram it home.

When that day comes, and it will come, you won’t be able to buy the stuff you need at any price from any vendor.  If you doubt this simply look at the last year.  Back in February and March of 2013 you couldn’t find an AR-15 anywhere and almost no standard capacity magazines or ammo.  It was like a desert for shooters.  It is still not back to normal in many parts of the country and this is because the gun banners failed… this time.  Imagine the price and availability of this stuff if they had been successful.

Some of you will throw a bucket of cold water on this suggestion and say you have seen this before and that the gun banners will never succeed, blah, blah, blah.  Well, when you are wrong and I am proven right I will be happy to sell you some of my excess supply for 8 times the market price.  I will recoup all of the money I spent preparing little by little and you still won’t have what you need, but will be much poorer.  I have seen it before I will see it again.  I hate to be so blatant to my fellow gun lovers, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Since most people are not independently wealthy you should plan on using the layaway program.  Buy something, even if it is small every single month.  Don’t fail to do this.  When you can add another firearm to your collection, do it.  The day may come when you can’t at any price.  When the next mass shooting comes you will be much better prepared.