Cleansing Society of Offensive Stuff

Within days of the Charleston South Carolina shooting by a self proclaimed racist that believed he had to “protect” his culture the PC police were out in force trying to again cleanse society of anything offensive. The target this time is the Confederate flag and apparently anything to do with the civil war. To add insult to injury one reporter was even speculating that we should remove the Jefferson monument because he [Jefferson] held slaves.

In a word all of this is STUPID! With so many people out there deciding to throw so many objects into the furnace because it might offend someone can we be far away from book banning and burning? I say we have to be right on the cusp of book burning.

No where in the Constitution or in Natural Law for that matter does it say we have a right to not be offended. People should simply be able to have a mature and civil discussion about ANYTHING and be able to rationally debate and articulate their beliefs without resorting to personal attacks, banning everything and causing riots when we don’t get our way.

Intellectual debate in our country has taken one crippling blow after another since Obama has been in office, but honestly was even taking body shots before we ever heard his name uttered.

We have college educated potential future lawyers and judges saying we should have laws against “hate” speech! What exactly is hate speech and who gets to decide it is hate speech?

That is truly the dangerous ground we are getting into here with all of this PC talk going on today. It is truly suppressing not only free speech, but the very ability to have rational and civil debate on anything. People simply want to shut out anything they personally disagree with and find personally offensive. They don’t even want to be exposed to the very ideas like it is some type of virus they might catch.

The problem is who gets to decide what is hate speech and what is acceptable ideas and what needs to be banned? If someone likes the Confederate flag and someone else likes the hammer and sickle flag of communist Russia and each is offended by the other who gets to decide which one gets banned? Do both of them get banned? Does the person who currently holds the majority in Congress, however slight, get to rule and ban the other one? For everyone? Even if we are talking a 51/49 majority? Does the 49% have any rights? or do they completely lose their rights because the 51% are the “majority” at that exact moment in time? What happens if the tables get switched at the next election, should the now majority that was previously the minority ban everything from the other?

See you get into very slippery territory here very quickly. All because some group doesn’t want to be “offended” by what they perceive to be “hate” speech.

If you have two groups each with different symbols and both calling the other group’s symbols “hate speech” which one does the law ban as “hate speech” apply to?

This of course continues to spiral down and out of control very quickly until ALL free speech is gone for everyone accept the group in power with the most guns. Tyranny. It keeps going until all books, ideas, concepts, debates, and speeches of the side NOT in power are banned and we live under a new tyranny.

We are told constantly that we can’t judge all Muslims because of a few radicals that kill innocent people. We are told those Muslims don’t represent all Muslims. However when one racist nut job kills people in Charleston we have to ban flags, speech, monuments, guns and apparently large chunks of American history to satisfy the PC crowd. Just wait until the next Muslim terrorist does something and let’s call for banning the Koran, any mention of Middle Eastern countries and anything associated with their culture and watch the liberal heavens split asunder as they scream like banshees.

Unfortunately for PC oriented liberals the logic is identical even if they don’t like it. One person commits an atrocity based on a belief system and suddenly we ban everything associated with that belief system for everyone because of one misguided person.

Unless people truly become more tolerant and willing to listen to all ideas and debate everything rationally and civilly Western civilization is truly doomed.

D.C. Forced to Recognize Gun Rights

According to this story from the Washington Post, Washington D.C. City Council unanimously passed a law allowing individuals to carry concealed handguns for the first time in 40 years. Here is an excerpt from the story…

Members of the D.C. Council begrudgingly, but unanimously, voted for a bill that would allow individuals to carry the firearms if they meet a number of requirements.

The bold and italicized are mine. This single word is one of the key things wrong with government today. The right to bear arms is an individual right that we are born with. Government never was and never will be the arbiter of these rights. Their ONLY responsibility in this regard is to PROTECT that right from infringement, period. Look at the absolute audacity that they claim that they are ALLOWING someone to exercise a fundamental freedom!

ALLOWING, I really want that word to sink in. I want you to think long and hard about government ALLOWING you access to a fundamental, absolute, and natural right, but again, only under their terms and conditions!

The article goes on to state that they claim to be following the ruling by the court, but in reality are still stopping people from exercising this right. The law that ALLOWS people to exercise this right still let’s the police decide if you have a “good enough reason” to exercise this right. Everything about this is the exact opposite of what government should be doing. They don’t get to ALLOW you to exercise this right any more than they can decide if you are ALLOWED the right to free speech, free assembly, or freedom of the press!

Can you imagine if politicians or the police could shut off someone’s right of free speech because they don’t feel that the person requesting the permit has a good enough reason to exercise this right based on their own made up arbitrary standard?

The article goes to say that people who actually ARE ALLOWED to exercise this right by dictate of the police still must go through 16 hours of training. Again, can you imagine if you wanted to exercise your free speech or freedom to choose your own religion and the government not only got to decide if you had a “good enough reason” but also forced you to go through 16 hours of training first! Since when does the government get to dictate specific training people have to go through to exercise a fundamental right?

The article goes on to quote Marion Barry, City Council member and true lover of freedom and gun rights…

“I don’t believe in guns. I don’t believe in carrying guns,” said council member Marion Barry, Ward 8 Democrat and a former four-term mayor. “I think the public ought to understand that all of us here are doing something we really don’t want to do.”

Well, Mr. Barry, I don’t really give a flying f**k what you believe or that you are being forced to do something you don’t want to do!

First, what you believe or don’t believe has absolutely no bearing what so ever on my rights! Second, the government everyday, hands down laws, regulations and mandates that I don’t believe in and many other freedom loving Americans don’t believe in either, but we don’t get to decide if we are going to follow them! Maybe we should.

We don’t get to cast a vote among ourselves and decide if we are going to follow YOUR laws, but somehow you have the audacity to believe you have that right over other free people? You are truly a piece of work!

I know many in the shooting community view this as a victory and to some degree it is, but it is a far cry from where we should be. Perhaps Americans should start deciding what they believe in and picking and choosing which laws, regulations and mandates they will follow. After all what you believe is meaningless to me so I figure turn about is fair play.

Simply Disobey the State – Civil Disobedience

There is an interesting article today on Lew Rockwell about Anarcho Calisthenics. The premise of the article is rather than hold an outright revolution, which usually results in a worse regime than the one that was removed coming to power, instead simply stop following the dictates of the state. He further goes on to say these don’t have to be big acts of defiance, they could be small ones, but exercised by thousands or even millions will reek havoc on state machinery.

Here in the U.S. we have a fine tradition of simply disobeying the state when they have crossed the line. From the Revolutionary War to Henry David Thoreau to modern times we have been a defiant people. It is happening right now in Connecticut with the latest unconstitutional anti gun laws by potentially thousands of people. You see the dirty secret is we the people outnumber the politicians and their thugs by considerable numbers, but people forget that. They need you to just go along and follow their laws for the power to exist.

The reality is despite the number of police, prisons, and laws that exist they simply don’t have enough of them to force every citizen to comply with every law, every minute, of every day. Instead if you don’t voluntarily do it they simply can’t stop everyone. Yes, they can stop some and they do. Unfortunately for those they do stop they usually try and destroy them completely so as to set an example for the rest of the defiant people, but in the end they will still not be able to do that to everyone.

In Connecticut right now the politicians are besides themselves over this latest gun law. They fully expected everyone to simply fall into line and march over the cliff like good little lemmings when this law was passed. It simply never occurred to them that a huge majority of people would simply hold up their collective middle fingers and ignore the laws. These people called their bluff.

Now there are thousands of people who are felons according to the law. Some of them will get caught and the state will crush them with a zeal unlike we have seen before. They will do this for two reasons, one out of sheer anger that so many others have defied them and hopefully to set an example and bring the rest of the herd back into compliance with the state.

This will not work. The harder the state tries to crush them the more evasive and careful people will be to not get caught. Some still will and that is the nature of any war, there are always casualties. The truth is nobody wants to be that casualty, but some will be. However all will live under tyranny or some will fight and some will lose, but in the end the state and their tyranny loving politicians are the real losers. Here is a quote from the Hartford Courant that proves the point…

“I honestly thought from my own standpoint that the vast majority would register,” said Sen. Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, the ranking GOP senator on the legislature’s public safety committee. “If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don’t follow them, then you have a real problem.”

This guy simply doesn’t know what to do now that so many people have simply withdrawn their consent to be tyrannized by an out of control state. However this is not enough. People need to be defiant on a range of things every single day across the entire nation.

Here are some things to consider before embarking on this…

  • Make sure you are willing to “do the time” for whatever rule you are breaking if you are that person who is caught and made an example of. In other words are you William Wallace?

  • Don’t wave flags, banners, or god forbid place your civil disobedience on social media for the world to see. Don’t be stupid. If you tell the state you have withdrawn your consent you will be visited by door kicking thugs in the middle of the night.

  • Be quiet, smart, and careful. Think Walter White from Breaking Bad. He hid in plain sight and didn’t let the world know what he was doing.

  • Don’t post things on social media or tell the world you disagree with the state, at least, not loudly. Such people end up becoming part of a small group of people to “watch” by the state. Rather think needle in the haystack.

  • Make it as hard as possible for the state to see you as anything other than another compliant little lemming co towing to their infinite power, but in reality you are not anything of the sort.

Understand, I am not suggesting you go out and start a career of crime here, although in reality most people commit an average of 3 felonies everyday right now and don’t know it.

I am suggesting you simply withdraw your consent to allow yourself to be placed under the tyranny of the state for every little stupid regulation and law they can dream up, but in the end don’t actually have the power to enforce against everyone. Exercise this freedom regularly. It actually feels good.

The Hunger Games – Conservative or Liberal

I was listening to a recent discussion about the movie The Hunger Games and discussing if the government and society portrayed in the movie was right or left. Conservative, Liberal, or Socialist. The discussion was fascinating because people who are liberal claimed it was a conservative government and conservatives were sure it was a liberal or socialist government and society. Both groups cited various scenes in the movie to back up their points and were sure they were right.

The truth is, both groups were wrong. The government and capital portrayed in the movie is neither right or left. It is totalitarian in nature. The interesting thing is totalitarian governments can be either right or left, conservative, fascists or socialist. It really doesn’t matter what the underlying philosophy is at some point in world history there has been a totalitarian government that matched all of these philosophies.

The one common element in all totalitarian governments regardless of underlying philosophies is total control of the people. This is generally brought about by surveillance of the people such as portrayed in the book 1984 by George Orwell as well as brutality as showing in both Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. In all totalitarian governments there is always a favored group whose leader is generally in charge. They get special freedoms, privileges and access. In truth it is often this privileged group that insures the leader stays in power.

The other commons theme regardless of what type of government philosophy it is, i.e. right or left is that the government is too big and too powerful and simply too abusive. The fact that people who watch this movie and see “the other side” in that government shows they are completely missing the point.

When Republicans (not the same as conservatives) are in charge they grow the government and make it bigger and more intrusive. Under Bush II we got the lovely (un)Patroit Act which really put us on the road to that total surveillance state that is a component of totalitarian governments. Under Obama we have had huge freedoms stripped away from our economic lives, healthcare, and many other areas, plus he did absolutely nothing to remove or get rid of the hated Patriot Act, in fact, he signed bills that made it far worse by suspending Habeaus Corpus among other things.

So people who vote for the Republicans because they think the liberals will create a world like The Hunger Games have missed the point entirely and it cost them a chunk of their freedom. Those that thought Obama was a huge improvement over Bush because he was supposedly the “anti-Bush” were wrong and have given up even more of their precious freedom and moved us even closer to that totalitarian government. Each election both sides accuse the other of doing this or that, but both grow government and make it more powerful and more intrusive. Neither side ever shrinks it and with each election and year that goes by the noose tightens a little more.

Most people don’t feel this noose tightening accept when “the other guy” or “other team” is in charge. When “their guy” is in charge they basically give them a pass and say carry on. That is the critical mistake. With each government both sides are losing freedom, but they simply don’t seem to see it. That is why both sides are sure it is “the other guy” who must be in charge when a world like The Hunger Games is finally here.

The only way to insure a world like The Hunger Games never comes to pass for either group is to quit allowing yourself to be constantly duped and focus on the one and only group who will SHRINK the ENTIRE government and remove them from your lives. Not the group that will shrink just the part you don’t like, but in total.

If you don’t vote for a government that will TOTALLY remove government size and control from EVERYONE then you are simply helping create a totalitarian government. That big totalitarian government is used against you no matter who runs it. You perceive that the use against you is more tolerable when it is YOUR guy who is using it against you instead of the OTHER guy, but the reality is both are removing your freedom, it is simply a matter of WHICH freedom you happen to be giving up today.

Eventually what will happen is we will continue to keep playing musical chairs at each election and each time the government gets more and more powerful and rips away more and more freedom from EVERYONE. At some point the music will stop. A totalitarian government will exist. The Hunger Games will no longer be non-fiction. Are you willing to risk that the coin toss of who is sitting in that chair of power when the music stops is YOUR guy and YOU will be safe? If you are you are a fool.

I vote Libertarian because I don’t want to be wrong. I want to insure I always keep my freedom. Do I agree with every stance the Libertarian party takes? Absolutely not, but the one thing we agree on no matter what is that neither of us wants to live in a totalitarian regime. I want to know that MY GUY is ALWAYS trying to make government less powerful and less totalitarian. Are you willing to do the same?

PETA – HSUS – Etc. Get Lost!

It is a fairly well known fact that organizations like PETA and HSUS are radical anti-hunting groups. They regularly try and get laws introduced to ban or restrict hunting and many of their supporters are just insane. However the bottom line is hunters do more to protect animals and habitat than any other group in America. The fees we pay for licenses and supplies we buy absolutely bury any amount of money groups like PETA or HSUS contribute to this cause. Here is a great info graphic to show our contribution to conservation…

Hunting In America: Big Bucks, Big Impact on the Economy




So my message to these groups is simple. Until your number of dollars you contribute to conservation is the same as ours then get lost!

Billionaire vs. Plumber…Billionaire Lost!

The results of the Colorado recall election are in and Nanny Bloomberg’s two cronies that voted for gun control lost!  Yes, you read that correctly, despite dumping $350K into the race and trying to rally his “troops” to save the 2 anti-gun Democrats he failed!

Despite the groups pushing for the recall being out spent 7-1 and going up against a political machine that was designed to pump out perfect PR and messaging in carefully structured commercials they still lost.  The people calling for the recall ran the campaign on a shoestring and used complete grassroots strategies.

Oh, I almost forgot this other great part, one of the people tossed out of office was in a heavily Democrat district that Comrade Obama won by 20 points.  So how did this happen?  Simple, politicians in Colorado tried to deny a free people a God given right.

The tyrants refused to even listen to their constituents.  In fact, they were told by Nanny Bloomberg and Comrade Obama to ignore their emails, phone calls, and town halls.  Just stay focused and ram through gun control.  What the people wanted was irrelevant it was about what the gun control thugs wanted and what was “good for the little people” who apparently were too dumb to see how good this would be for them.

Unfortunately this victory didn’t actually change the political make-up of the Colorado statehouse enough to reverse the damage done by these tyrants, but hopefully it shows other tyrants in other states and at the Federal level just what happens to tyrants that don’t respect the rights and will of the people.  If you ignore the will of the people even a billionaire can’t save you.

While I realize the victory was largely symbolic so was the battle at Thermopylae 2,500 hundred years ago, but go ask the Persians how well that turned out for them.

So it would appear that history is repeating itself here.  Tyrants who arrive and tell the people to lay down their arms or else.  There was another battle like that 2,500 years ago in Thermopylae when the Persians told the Spartans to throw down their weapons and they calmly responded…

Molon Labe!

The Sound of Hypocrisy on Syria…Silence!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Silence.  I know it seems these days the American collective memory lasts about as long as finding out who just got voted off American Idol, but does anyone remember those long ago days of 2003?  I know most have to bust out their history books still chiseled onto stone tablets to remember back that far but, please try, it is actually important.

Back then we had an endless stream of Hollywood collectivists who called George Bush a warmongering criminal and much worse for attacking Iraq.  The media gave every single person who objected to the war a megaphone to protest their message to the ends of the earth.  John Kerry ran an ENTIRE presidential campaign on how evil the war was.  That was back before he was appointed to Secretary of State for a warmongering Obama. There were anti-war protestors in every major city.

Now what do we hear from this group as Obama tries to gin up support to start a war with Syria?  Silence.  That’s right, not a peep from any of these people who wanted to impeach George Bush for starting a war.  Why, because the guy starting this war is a Democrat and Liberal and the protestors are all Democrats, Liberals and Collectivists so they don’t want to speak out against their guy!  Folks, that is what we call HYPOCRISY!

Most Libertarians have held the consistent view that they objected to BOTH wars under BOTH presidents.  That is what we refer to as intellectual honesty and principals.  Something both the American left and right don’t possess any longer.

Sadly we are increasingly living in a world where the actual policy, war, law, latest fiscal boondoggle, lost civil liberty, restricted freedom, violation of the Constitution, etc. doesn’t matter as long as it is YOUR man doing the violating, i.e Democrat or Republican.  If he or she for that matter is in YOUR chosen party than whatever they do seems to be perfectly OK with you.  Sad and Pathetic.

We wonder how great civilizations become footnotes in history books?  This is how.  A total lack of principals, consistency and intellectual honesty.  As long as YOUR guy or party is running things then whatever they do is fine and not a violation of anything.

Oh, as a complete side note, anyone remember how loudly the left protested against George Bush when he created the (un)Patriot Act?  I do.  They screamed to the heavens that he was stripping away their civil liberties (and he was), but now that Obama is in office and has not only not reversed one single aspect of the (un)Patriot Act, but actually expanded it further and added NSA spying and effectively suspended Habeas Corpus with the NDAA what do you hear from these same left wing people…

that’s right folks, nothing.  Total silence.

OK, I am done, you can get back to your American Idol and ignore what happens next because YOUR guy is driving the boat and doing the violations.

Gun Banners in California Reveal True Goal of Gun Control

One of the things all anti-gun radical politicians do when they pass or propose new gun control legislation, not gun safety since it has nothing to do with firearm safety and non of these people are qualified if it was, but I digress.  One of the things they ALWAYS say is…

We are not going to take away your guns

This of course generally includes when they want to ban standard capacity magazines, which they always say you can keep them if you have them.  Accept when they think they can ram through some more stuff.

The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is set to pass another round of gun control legislation making them the strictest state in the country on gun control.  Among the little gems they are trying to get through include…

  1. Total ban on ANY semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine.  By the way that would include the little Ruger 10/22 that fires .22 rounds and is used by many youth groups, including the Boy Scouts.
  2. Total ban on ANY ownership of standard capacity magazines, which the radicals call “high capacity”, which in Kalifornia is anything over 10 rounds.  They ban the sale of these magazines a long time ago, but if you already had magazines capable of holding over 10 you could keep them, but not now.  Now you have to get rid of them completely.
  3. Ammo purchase registration database (they have had a firearms registration database for while now) that will record and track all of your ammo purchases.

Of course when the last round of gun control went through and the one before that and the one before that and one before that… well you get the idea.  We are always assured of several things…

  1. It is critical.  This be done RIGHT NOW!
  2. It will end bad things ever happening with guns
  3. They won’t try and take away your guns

Of course none of this is true.  The same pattern always occurs, it is how much can they ram through right now.  Once that is done digesting then they go for the next chunk of gun control, over and over again and each time we are told the same 3 things above and each and every time it is never true.

The bottom line NEVER trust a gun banner.  They ALWAYS lie and what they want today is NEVER the whole story.  They want a TOTAL ban on all privately owned firearms, but realize they need to do it in bits and bites.  Death by a thousand paper cuts kind of thing.

And they wonder why pro liberty people always fight like hell whenever they propose “common sense” gun control, which always lacks any semblance of “common sense” and is never the end game.  Never give them one inch.  NEVER!

Molon Labe!

Support for more Gun Control Shifts Down in Polls

According to a column by Emily Miller of the Washington Times the polls are shifting away from the gun grabbers who want to steal our rights as freeborn Americans.  The political reality is this is a good thing, but it shouldn’t have to be this way.

We all know that most opportunistic politicians watch the polls closer than they do their own children looking for the slightest support to ram their agenda’s through.  This happens on BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

On this issue with enacting more gun control it is particularly vexing to me.  Not because I want to see more gun control, all you have to do is spend 2 minutes reading some of my past entries to see where I stand on gun control, but because we shouldn’t have to watch polls to see where the public stands on this issue.

The reality is it SHOULD NOT MATTER!

The 2nd Amendment is a civil right that is given to us by God and protected by the U.S. Constitution.  It clearly states that it is a right that shall not be infringed! What the public thinks or doesn’t think about it is totally irrelevant.  We don’t grant or keep rights for people because of what the people think of them at any given time.  We are born with them and they are NOT subject to debate, infringement, discussion or any type of “common sense” compromise on them, period.

While I recognize the polls do actually have a practical application to stopping government from ramming through freedom robbing laws this just illustrates how far we have strayed from our founding principles.  Our forefathers could never have imagined that polls would determine if we should infringe or not infringe on someone’s God given liberties.

Rights vs. Needs

With all the anti 2nd Amendment rhetoric going on both at the Federal and State levels there is a lot of talk about “need” as it applies to the 2nd Amendment. For example…

  • Nobody needs a 30 round magazine
  • Nobody needs an “assault” rifle
  • Nobody needs to be able to buy more than one gun per month
  • Unless you are criminal nobody needs privacy in gun ownership; there should be a registry of all gun owners.

The problem with all of these statements is that gun ownership in our country under the 2nd Amendment is a right.  Rights are rights and apply equally to all people at all times regardless of what some politician’s perceived need of my right should be.  It doesn’t matter “what the people” say in some poll.  It doesn’t matter if you have enough votes to pass it or not.  We are born with these rights and the only roll government plays is protecting anyone from infringing on those rights, especially the government itself!

On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist defied the order of a city bus driver to move to the back of the bus as was the practice for blacks by law at that time.  Why did she do this?  Was it simply about transportation?  No, the back of the bus was going the same place the front of the bus was going.  She also wasn’t going to get there any faster by riding in the back of the bus.  The whole bus got to its location at the same time.

So people could have argued she did not need to defy this order.  It didn’t actually accomplish anything in a utilitarian sense of simple transportation from point A to point B.  She did it because it was her right to do it!  She was born with that right and the government, majority of the people, politicians, judges, law, tradition, etc. had no right to remove that right from her with any type of law!

So it is with gun owners.  It doesn’t matter what gun banners think, what polls say, what politicians who hate guns want.  It is our right as free, law abiding Americans to own any gun we want and any size magazine and own them in privacy and not tell anyone what we own unless we break a law.  We aren’t required to wait to purchase guns or ammunition, pay a tax to own them and shouldn’t have what we want to purchase arbitrarily limited because of someone’s opinion of my need.  Is is not about needs it is about rights!

When we start letting polls, people’s opinions and politicians decide what we need as opposed to simply respecting our rights as free born Americans than the whole concept of freedom and liberty falls apart for everyone.  We spiral down until we live in a dictatorship.  Maybe not today with this law, but someday.

You see, political fortunes often change.  So the gun banners believe they have the upper hand right now and therefore can impose their arbitrary opinion of what they believe my need is on me with some law.  However someday those political fortunes are going to change and another group will be in power.  What if the next group in power decides you don’t need free speech all 7 days in week or all year.  Instead having free speech one month per year to speak your grievances to the government should be all you need.

Take the 4th Amendment of unreasonable search and seizure.  What if we decide to pass a law that says nobody needs to have this protection.  After all only criminals have something to hide.  If you are truly the law abiding person you claim you are than you have no need to resist a warrantless searches of your home and car anytime the police desire.

What about the 5th Amendment that says you can’t be forced to testify against yourself in a court of law.  Why does anyone need this protection.  If you actually broke a law shouldn’t you be required to do everything the police want to prove you did it and be subjected to the punishment that goes with it?  After all you broke the law.  Most people would agree in a poll that criminals should be punished.  Most politicians can argue this is the “will of the people” and that the “majority” of people agree.

You see the problem is when we start letting polls, politicians, and someone else’s opinion of what we need to be the deciding factor in what rights we get and how we get to exercise them eventually everyone’s freedom is lost.  Not just the people who have rights you don’t like or agree with.  Eventually someone will come for your most cherished rights.

Rights work and grant freedom and liberty because we have all agreed we are born with these rights and we cherish them enough to write them down in a Bill of Rights.  We agreed to create a government that was limited in its power and had an obligation to protect those rights.

My rights are just as important as yours are.  They are as important to me as yours are to you. It doesn’t matter if you like my rights.  It doesn’t matter if you personally don’t want to practice my rights for yourself.

I was born with my rights just as you were with yours.  If you decide my rights can be sacrificed for what you believe is the “correct” way to live than we have no freedom and no liberty that can’t be taken away by a simple majority of people who happen to agree that this is the way things ought to be.  Hopefully everyone sees the danger in that.

Whoever has the most votes in Congress, the best lobbyists, or the best PR people to create and dictate public opinion gets to decide what rights we have and what we need when it comes to exercising those rights.  That is wrong and that is the end of freedom and liberty for everyone.