Pending Obamacare Legal Decision Summed Up

The Supreme Court is ready to rule on the question of subsidies for Obamacare anytime this month. Chances are they have already voted on it and the decision is being written up as I write this and will be announced soon.

This will go one of two ways, kind of like a simple decision tree. Either in an effort to again re-write what the law actually says one or more of the Justices will “find” something in there that justifies it and rule in favor of Obama and the subsidies, thus protecting Obamacare yet again from complete destruction, which is where it should have went years ago. Personally, this is what I believe will happen. I don’t trust that traitor John Roberts to rule on what the law actually says. He will go through legal gymnastics as he did the first time and rule in favor of Obama.

However in the very small chance that I am wrong and the Justices rule against Obama the subsidies will be found illegal and the law will quickly begin to cave in, which brings an interesting problem to bear. The Republicans want changes to the law. Obama doesn’t want anything changed. He [Obama] will dig in and throw a temper tantrum and vow to veto any changes to his precious socialized healthcare program.

The Republicans will be able to pass a reform bill, but Obama will refuse to sign it. The only bill he will sign will be one that makes the subsidies legal without any other changes whatsoever. Meanwhile in approximately 37 states the cost of health insurance will streak into the stratosphere for many people that are receiving subsidies. The policies will become completely unaffordable and they will lose them and possibly be fined for not having insurance they simply cannot afford. These people will begin screaming for blood.

Meanwhile the spineless Republicans will become terrified that the Mongol hordes screaming for their government gravy in the form of subsidies are calling for their heads. They will buckle under the pressure as they always do and give Obama exactly what he wants to pacify both Obama and the Mongol hordes.

Amazingly the same thing happened 2,000 years ago in Rome when the barbarians showed up at the gates of Rome and sacked the city. Only this time the barbarians are already in the city gates and the only thing that will pacify them is for the spineless Republicans to throw more government gravy pacify and shut them up for now, but they will be back. They always come back and they want more and more.

This will not stop until we have another party willing to make the tough decisions (Libertarians) or the system collapses as it is doing right now in Greece. Isn’t it amazing how history just keeps repeating itself over and over again and politicians are dumb enough to believe it will somehow come out differently THIS time.

Obama Snubbing France after Terror Attack

Here is an interesting opinion piece about the recent snubbing Obama gave to France after their recent terror attacks. The piece does a good job at outlining the reasons for this. Basically, Obama is more interested in looting hardworking Americans of their earnings in an effort to make the world “equal”. So in the name of equality he continues to ignore serious terrorist threats. Nice. The piece goes on to point out that is has been Obama’s mission since the beginning.

Unfortunately what Obama doesn’t understand is that you can’t have equal outcomes until you have equal inputs. In other words it is a fact of life that some people work harder, longer and are simply more talented than others. Those people will generally put more into life to get more out. Those that don’t will often be on the bottom and stay there. Idiots like Obama want to somehow punish those individuals that work harder and make everyone and everything equal so that regardless of what you put in or are capable of putting in you get the same out as the next guy who didn’t do this. In short, socialism.

Using terms like “JV Team” when describing terrorist is designed to put out the message that these guys aren’t a serious threat so we can go back to his favorite topics of looting, spreading the wealth, socialism and robbing the “rich” to give to the poor. The only thing is the terrorist don’t seem to care what Obama is interested in talking about or doing. They are still plotting and planning and will keep attempting to carry out attacks against the west.

No doubt as in France these attacks will mostly likely be these lone wolf types we have been seeing pop up and will happen both overseas and sadly on American shores, eventually. This makes it even more important that Americans continue to protect their 2nd Amendment rights. Your ability to protect yourself may eventually be all that stands between these terrorist psychopaths and your own life or your family’s life. We certainly can’t count on Obama to take the threats seriously.

And this folks is what happens when you elect a JV guy to be President because of all the free stuff he promises to steal from the “rich” to give to you.

SCOTUS to Review Obamacare…Again.

The Supreme Court has agreed to review a huge aspect of Obamacare for a second time. This time they are ruling on if the subsidies will be able to be paid to states that chose not to create a state exchange and ended up with an exchange run by the Federales. Currently that is 36 states, well over half of them. If the SCOTUS, specifically John Roberts can rule on what the law ACTUALLY says instead of what he WANTS it to say because he wants to rule it Constitutional and not make the court look bad to liberals this might actually drive a stake through the heart of this awful piece of legislation. Here is a link to the story.

I won’t be holding my breath because Justice Roberts has already proven he can be a traitor and do complex legal gymnastics to essentially re-write the law so he could somehow rule it Constitutional. Many believe that he did this because as Chief Justice he was more concerned with the image of the court than risk being called a partisan court by ruling the correct way and calling this mess Unconstitutional. Hey, I didn’t say his reasons were intelligent, just what they probably were.

Others who believe in conspiracies believe Obama’s criminal henchman somehow threatened Justice Roberts the first time so he would rule in their favor instead of declaring this piece of crap Unconstitutional as he should have. If that is true then I would doubt this ruling to be any different than the first. If the other reason, i.e. his image enhancement campaign is still in effect then he may again decide to toss the actual Constitution back in the trash can in favor of some belief he is saving the image of the court, hence the ruling will again favor Obama.

Either way I have very little faith the SCOTUS will actually do the right thing this time and rule against this monstrosity. If they do I will literally be shocked, but I would certainly not bet that way.

Politics of Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Ruling

So the SCOTUS yesterday came out on another famous 5/4 decision to back Hobby Lobby’s case against Obamacare. In short the ruling exempts closely held corporations from having to provide contraception in their health plans as mandated by Obamacare on religious grounds. It is fascinating to see all the groups rushing out in front of cameras today to try and cash in on this one way or the other.

The reality is this is such a narrow ruling that it has almost no effect on the stinking, freedom robbing mess that is Obamacare. However I find it interesting when that traitor John Roberts essentially re-wrote the law and then ruled it Constitutional every statis out there howled from the heavens that it was “settled law” and the courts have spoken. Leave it alone. It was done. etc. etc., but this time they don’t like the ruling so they are asking Congress to “fix” it, which of course will not happen.

It is also interesting how the Democrats are practically killing themselves to get in front a camera and pull out the so called “war on women” playbook again. Really. First of all, it isn’t the Republicans that did this. It was people with religious objections that were being forced to violate their religious beliefs at the point of a gun by Obama. While it can be argued that Republicans were not sorry to see this happen, let’s be clear, it was nothing that the Republican led House did legislatively. To blame them for this is nothing more than crass politics.

Last point, the issue of force. Statis are out there today talking about how the employees of Hobby Lobby and any other closely held corporation that exercises this right are somehow robbing their employees. First off, this medication we are talking about is dirt cheap, $9 per month. So give up one of your latte and buy your medication and shut up. Second, nobody is forcing you to work for this company. If you hate what they are doing by all means find a different job.

If a Libertarian and *some* conservatives don’t like something they simply leave, find another job, change the channel, etc. If they don’t like the gun laws in a certain state, they leave. If they don’t like the garbage MSNBC calls “news” they simply change the channel. Statis can’t do that. If they don’t like what an employer is doing they want the heavy hand of government to force them to change. If they don’t like Fox News they want government to regulate them away. If they don’t like talk radio they want government to ban them. If they don’t like guns instead of moving to a state like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut or California which are all practically gun free states and enjoy their little utopia they go to the Federal government and ask them to ban guns nationally. In other words they are not happy unless they can use the brutal power of government and the government guns to force their world views on EVERYONE. It is sickening.

Many Libertarians who believe in gun rights and freedom have started taking the tact of not one more inch. No, we are not going to allow you to oppress us with your world views. We will at a certain point choose to fight back. We don’t want to do this, but if you keep taking our freedoms and liberties at a certain point this option becomes inevitable. Just look at history and you will see case after case where this was true. So stop already.

Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs Secretary – Fired!

According to the Washington Times article, Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs Secretary is out. Of course anyone who has been following the appalling disgrace of how our veterans have been treated at VA hospitals all over the U.S. could see this coming. Further, this will be debated endlessly by the lame-stream media and “what it means to Obama” and other worthless crap like that. I am focusing on only one thing in this announcement. It says this in the article…

The president said Mr. Shinseki had already begun to fire “many of the people responsible,” including senior leaders at the Phoenix VA.

He’s canceled any possible performance bonuses this year for VHA senior executives, and he has ordered the VA to personally contact every veteran in Phoenix waiting for appointments to get them the care that they need and that they deserve,” the president said.

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The bold is mine. When Wall Street with ample help from the Federal Reserve tanked the U.S. economy back in 2007-08 Congress started holding worthless hearing after hearing to learn “what happened” when the reality is they all already knew because they helped cause a good portion of it with horrible policy that was more about politics than policy.

But I digress. The point is as part of those hearings we heard a lot about greedy bankers and banks that “soaked” the American people while lining their own pockets with HUGE bonuses. I will concede the point that many of these executives did indeed line their own pockets with huge bonuses and many of them knew what they were doing was wrong and did anyway.

However something that every liberal Congress Critter started calling for immediately was a law to “claw back” these bonuses. In other words take back the bonuses that were already paid because in the opinion of these Congress Critters they did not earn that money (talk about calling the kettle black!) so they felt it was only justified that these bonuses be “clawed back”.

Question to consider…

How many of these Congressional Snakes will start calling to “claw back” the bonuses of all of these worthless government workers, VA officials, etc. that helped perpetrate this horrendous crime on our veterans. Fair is fair. If Wall Street had to give up their bonuses for lying and cheating seems only fair that these ass hats from the VA should have to do the same.

Would anyone care to offer any odds that this is EVEN BROUGHT UP much less actually implemented. You won’t hear anything but crickets and silence waiting to hear this possible solution offered up. Luckily though that idiot in the White House cancelled all future bonuses… at least until nobody is looking and he can quietly slip them back in on Friday afternoon when nobody is paying attention.

Is Obama a Civil Libertarian?

According to the WSJ Obama has received 46 recommendations from a task force about ways to overhaul the NSA so they aren’t violating every civil liberty we have… just most of them.  If he implements all 46 most Libertarians will congratulate him on a very small, but reasonable start in the right direction.

The Neocons and other freedom hating harpy’s out there will immediately start screaming about how the terrorists will kill all of us if these are implemented and that we will have no security, blah, blah.  Here is a little secret, we don’t have any security now, but in addition we also don’t have much privacy or freedom to go along with it.

Now here is the interesting question to all of you liberals who screamed about how GWB was robbing you of your freedoms; is your great savior of hope and change going to reverse course and give you back freedoms that the evil Bush took away?  I wouldn’t hold your breath.  My bet, he tweaks it around the edges, doesn’t make any real or substantive changes and declares himself great, wonderful, awesome, supreme, god-like…again.

And of course most you liberals will continue to swoon and think he is great and the fact he is still robbing you of your civil liberties won’t matter to you because after all he is your guy so it is OK if he steals your liberties and privacy.

The Emperor from Ohio, John Kasich is Eliminating his Political Challengers

Now I finally see why Americans have such a miserable voter turnout record in almost all elections. According to a post by Wendy McElroy, the Ohio Senate has passed a bill to essentially block out all third party [read Libertarian] candidates and protect the established 2 party system. Why, because according to this blog post John Kasich, Ohio Emperor, err, I mean, “Governor” is in some trouble right now for essentially being the “Liberal Lite” candidate.

This is a sad commentary on our Republic when the people in power not only ignore their constituents on a regular basis, but then rig the voting apparatus so nobody can challenge them to a fair race. What a crock of shit! What are they afraid of? If they believe they have the best ideas for the people then let them run fairly on their ideas against others with differing ideas and see what the people think. Let us choose.

We are closing in on a full blown dictatorship now. First, they cut out all voices accept the 2 parties currently in power and most would argue there isn’t even 2 parties; just one giant party with varying nuances in their approaches. Pretty soon we can just dispense with the illusion of a Democratically elected Republic and just appoint our leaders like they did in Rome. We already have a President who believes he is part god and emperor over the lands, why not just start appointing them. It appears we have no interest in fair and open elections any longer.

Congress, err, I mean the President Should Do his Job!

According to the eloquent speaking lying Jay Carney he is quoted as saying…

“The president has always said he will talk about anything. What he won’t do is pay a ransom…in exchange for Congress doing its fundamental job.”

Really? “Willing to talk about anything”… how big of him. Maybe sometime before the end of his presidency or this country, whichever comes first, we can actually get him to do something instead of just talking about it. So far the only thing I have seen Obama do is talk such as blaming Bush for everything, making excuses for his failures, or denying any knowledge of damn near anything that happens in his administration such as IRS abuses, gun running at the justice (small “j” since they don’t actually dispense Justice) Department or failure to save 4 brave Americans who died waiting for help in Benghazi.

Also, speaking of jobs, isn’t it the job of the Senate (The Democratically controlled one) to create a budget, which for some strange reason we have not seen in 5 YEARS! Or here is another one, how about voting on the HUGE pile of funding bills the House has sent to them already. Call me crazy, but I thought the Senate was a voting body, but you wouldn’t know if from their utter failure to vote on any of the funding bills sitting on their desk right now.

You see, Carney, if the Senate would do their job not only would veterans be allowed to see their own Memorials, but their families might actually be paid some death benefits as well, but we wouldn’t have to have these battles every year or so because we would know how much to spend by LOOKING AT THE BUDGET!!!! you nitwit!

Obama’s Gun Running Operation

There is another bill floating around over in the Senate regarding gun control.  This one hasn’t received the same press as the other bill that recently failed, but at one time this bill was believed to be the “vehicle” that all other gun legislation would be attached to.

The other bill is one to stop so called “gun trafficking”, which in case you did not know it is already illegal and is already a felony, but for some reason the morons in the Senate believed by making it MORE illegal than it already was we would somehow stamp it out.

However the two most high profile gun running operations right now aren’t being handled by the common criminal, but rather the super criminal known as Obama and his mafia like organization, the Federal government.

Fast and Furious was a gun running operation conducted by Obama to make a lie (90% of all guns in Mexico, come from the U.S.) into the truth.  The operation imploded and caused the death of a border patrol agent, Brian Terry and a scandal that Obama and his goons have worked extra hard to cover up.

The second gun running operation has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt yet, but I hope it will.  That operation is known as the now famous scandal of Benghazi.  There are all kinds of rumors and now some evidence surfacing to suggest that there was a gun running operation going on that involved our diplomat and the CIA to run guns to Libyan rebels and possibly Syrian rebels.  If this proves to be true this will be the second gun running operation by Obama.

So what does Obama do to stop this?  First, he proposes a “gun trafficking” bill in the Senate, which makes the already illegal gun running more illegal.  Second, he helps negotiate and pass the U.N. treaty that makes gun running illegal, but in reality is a thinly veiled tool to strip civilians of their last defense against tyrannical government.

Perhaps if Obama really wants to put an end to gun running he should stop the Federal government from engaging in it BEFORE he goes around signing treaties and passing laws to stop us mere civilians from engaging in it.

The 72% of NRA Members Support Gun Control Poll Is a Lie

In the last 24 hours I have seen a stat start popping up on news programs discussing gun control as well as online forums and blogs.  The stat is being parroted by every liberal commentator on TV.

The stat says that 72% of NRA members back Obama’s gun control proposals delivered earlier this week including the ban on so called “assault weapons” as well and universal background checks.  Warning, this is a flat out lie.

The NRA membership list is private.  They would not release their list to any polling company and no polling company is claiming credit for this stat that I have seen.  In fact, most of those throwing around the stat won’t answer where the information came from.

This stat is totally bogus and is a lie.  It is an attempt to mislead the public.  The people responsible for this bogus stat are the gun control lobby and special interests  that are going around on the news programs and online media sources trying to insert this stat into the national conversation.  Don’t let them.  This is false and designed to mislead the public into believing that Obama’s proposals to strip us of our liberty and freedom is a “common sense” proposal.  It is not and this stat is what they are trying to use to sound reasonable.

When anyone hears this 72% stat please go to Facebook, online forums, blogs, wherever you find this bogus stat and refute it.  Post the facts.  The NRA membership list is private and no credible polling company came up with this number.  Plus the only people talking about it are liberals and anti-gun advocates, which makes it is seriously suspect from the get go.  It is up to you to spread the real truth and not let this number stick in the national consciousness.  Don’t let them try and make a lie the truth by simply repeating it enough times.  A lie is a lie no matter how many times someone says it.