The Hunger Games – Conservative or Liberal

I was listening to a recent discussion about the movie The Hunger Games and discussing if the government and society portrayed in the movie was right or left. Conservative, Liberal, or Socialist. The discussion was fascinating because people who are liberal claimed it was a conservative government and conservatives were sure it was a liberal or socialist government and society. Both groups cited various scenes in the movie to back up their points and were sure they were right.

The truth is, both groups were wrong. The government and capital portrayed in the movie is neither right or left. It is totalitarian in nature. The interesting thing is totalitarian governments can be either right or left, conservative, fascists or socialist. It really doesn’t matter what the underlying philosophy is at some point in world history there has been a totalitarian government that matched all of these philosophies.

The one common element in all totalitarian governments regardless of underlying philosophies is total control of the people. This is generally brought about by surveillance of the people such as portrayed in the book 1984 by George Orwell as well as brutality as showing in both Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. In all totalitarian governments there is always a favored group whose leader is generally in charge. They get special freedoms, privileges and access. In truth it is often this privileged group that insures the leader stays in power.

The other commons theme regardless of what type of government philosophy it is, i.e. right or left is that the government is too big and too powerful and simply too abusive. The fact that people who watch this movie and see “the other side” in that government shows they are completely missing the point.

When Republicans (not the same as conservatives) are in charge they grow the government and make it bigger and more intrusive. Under Bush II we got the lovely (un)Patroit Act which really put us on the road to that total surveillance state that is a component of totalitarian governments. Under Obama we have had huge freedoms stripped away from our economic lives, healthcare, and many other areas, plus he did absolutely nothing to remove or get rid of the hated Patriot Act, in fact, he signed bills that made it far worse by suspending Habeaus Corpus among other things.

So people who vote for the Republicans because they think the liberals will create a world like The Hunger Games have missed the point entirely and it cost them a chunk of their freedom. Those that thought Obama was a huge improvement over Bush because he was supposedly the “anti-Bush” were wrong and have given up even more of their precious freedom and moved us even closer to that totalitarian government. Each election both sides accuse the other of doing this or that, but both grow government and make it more powerful and more intrusive. Neither side ever shrinks it and with each election and year that goes by the noose tightens a little more.

Most people don’t feel this noose tightening accept when “the other guy” or “other team” is in charge. When “their guy” is in charge they basically give them a pass and say carry on. That is the critical mistake. With each government both sides are losing freedom, but they simply don’t seem to see it. That is why both sides are sure it is “the other guy” who must be in charge when a world like The Hunger Games is finally here.

The only way to insure a world like The Hunger Games never comes to pass for either group is to quit allowing yourself to be constantly duped and focus on the one and only group who will SHRINK the ENTIRE government and remove them from your lives. Not the group that will shrink just the part you don’t like, but in total.

If you don’t vote for a government that will TOTALLY remove government size and control from EVERYONE then you are simply helping create a totalitarian government. That big totalitarian government is used against you no matter who runs it. You perceive that the use against you is more tolerable when it is YOUR guy who is using it against you instead of the OTHER guy, but the reality is both are removing your freedom, it is simply a matter of WHICH freedom you happen to be giving up today.

Eventually what will happen is we will continue to keep playing musical chairs at each election and each time the government gets more and more powerful and rips away more and more freedom from EVERYONE. At some point the music will stop. A totalitarian government will exist. The Hunger Games will no longer be non-fiction. Are you willing to risk that the coin toss of who is sitting in that chair of power when the music stops is YOUR guy and YOU will be safe? If you are you are a fool.

I vote Libertarian because I don’t want to be wrong. I want to insure I always keep my freedom. Do I agree with every stance the Libertarian party takes? Absolutely not, but the one thing we agree on no matter what is that neither of us wants to live in a totalitarian regime. I want to know that MY GUY is ALWAYS trying to make government less powerful and less totalitarian. Are you willing to do the same?

The Emperor from Ohio, John Kasich is Eliminating his Political Challengers

Now I finally see why Americans have such a miserable voter turnout record in almost all elections. According to a post by Wendy McElroy, the Ohio Senate has passed a bill to essentially block out all third party [read Libertarian] candidates and protect the established 2 party system. Why, because according to this blog post John Kasich, Ohio Emperor, err, I mean, “Governor” is in some trouble right now for essentially being the “Liberal Lite” candidate.

This is a sad commentary on our Republic when the people in power not only ignore their constituents on a regular basis, but then rig the voting apparatus so nobody can challenge them to a fair race. What a crock of shit! What are they afraid of? If they believe they have the best ideas for the people then let them run fairly on their ideas against others with differing ideas and see what the people think. Let us choose.

We are closing in on a full blown dictatorship now. First, they cut out all voices accept the 2 parties currently in power and most would argue there isn’t even 2 parties; just one giant party with varying nuances in their approaches. Pretty soon we can just dispense with the illusion of a Democratically elected Republic and just appoint our leaders like they did in Rome. We already have a President who believes he is part god and emperor over the lands, why not just start appointing them. It appears we have no interest in fair and open elections any longer.

Colorado Tells Bloomberg to Butt Out of State on Gun Issue

According to this article, Colorado Governor Democrat John Hickenlooper he is telling Michael Bloomberg to stay out of Colorado politics on the gun control issue. Strange, he seemed all for Bloomberg’s help before citizens tossed out 2 of his Democrat Senators in a special election. Now another of his Senators is facing a fresh recall effort. If this trend keeps up the Democrats will lose control of the Colorado Senate.

This is actually a hilarious comedy playing out. First, Hickenlooper makes it sound like Nanny Bloomberg came into Colorado and did all of this by himself. Did he develop amnesia about the fact HE SIGNED THE GUN CONTROL BILLS INTO LAW!!! It was at his behest that the state legislature even took up the issue.

With prompting from Obama and money from Nanny Bloomberg new gun control was shoved down the throats of Colorado citizens. Obama believed as did Nanny Bloomberg that if they could prove a pro-gun western state with a long and rich firearms tradition could pass gun control without any backlash that it could be done anywhere. They hoped to prove the NRA was irrelevant in today’s political climate.

How did that work out for you?

This guy wants to blame Bloomberg for this whole issue going south on him, but he seems to forget he had the final say. He could have vetoed the bill, but he didn’t. He could push to undo it right now, which might calm the anger of his constituents, but he seems to have no interest in that either. Basically he wants the bleeding to stop and figures if he tells Nanny Bloomberg to buzz off that this will will cause the citizens to calm down. I doubt that very much.

Too little too late pal. You pissed on the wrong group this time. You took freedoms away from a group who is absolutely relentless in making you pay a political price and a group that has a looooong memory.

A wise man once said these enlightening words when he found himself in a similar predicament…


Obama’s Anti-Gun Position Keeps Making Us Stronger

Obama has been trying mightily since his second term to shove gun control down our throats.  He has ALWAYS been truly anti-gun, but during his first term he wisely didn’t move against the 2nd Amendment because he knew that would come back to hurt him at the election, but once he was safely back in office the gloves came off as most us knew they would.

However actual results may vary.  Since December when Obama has been slamming hard on this let’s look at the record of what has been happening…

  1. He has failed to pass any Federal legislation.
  2. The NRA has grown from a little over 4 million members to now over 5 million.
  3. 2 anti-gun politicians in Colorado that supported Obama were blown out of office on a recall vote.
  4. Gun sales have soared to unprecedented levels for 5 straight years now.
  5. Far more states than have clamped down on guns have actually expanded gun freedoms.
  6. Every single gun related item you could have bought a year ago has been sold out and on back order, i.e. ammo, guns, gear, etc.

His record on guns has been pretty dismal.  The reason of course is because this is a civil liberty and Constitutional right and people are done surrendering their freedoms and civil liberties.  Obama is an unprecedented narcissist who has always believed he really could alter the world to his vision simply because he desired it.

I find it hilarious to watch one failure after another on this front and others as well.  Of course it will not alter his course one bit.  Until he is out of office he will be a danger to our civil liberties, but so far the only thing he has accomplished is making us far stronger and more engaged than we were before.  Your opportunity for a sneak attack was ever only a good idea in your narcissistic mind.  We ALWAYS knew who you really were and were simply waiting for you to make your move.

Therefore, I say to Obama, carry on chief.  If you keep at this the NRA will be 8 million members strong before this is over and you will succeed in losing the Senate as well as still not being able to reclaim the House.  If you keep interfering in State elections we will keep sending the anti-gun politicians back to you defeated.  You just don’t understand that the harder you push on this issue the more powerful we will get.

Colorado was your latest move and we handed you your arss… again!  I do believe we just sent you another message.  Think carefully about your next choice.  Its your move…

Molon Labe!

Billionaire vs. Plumber…Billionaire Lost!

The results of the Colorado recall election are in and Nanny Bloomberg’s two cronies that voted for gun control lost!  Yes, you read that correctly, despite dumping $350K into the race and trying to rally his “troops” to save the 2 anti-gun Democrats he failed!

Despite the groups pushing for the recall being out spent 7-1 and going up against a political machine that was designed to pump out perfect PR and messaging in carefully structured commercials they still lost.  The people calling for the recall ran the campaign on a shoestring and used complete grassroots strategies.

Oh, I almost forgot this other great part, one of the people tossed out of office was in a heavily Democrat district that Comrade Obama won by 20 points.  So how did this happen?  Simple, politicians in Colorado tried to deny a free people a God given right.

The tyrants refused to even listen to their constituents.  In fact, they were told by Nanny Bloomberg and Comrade Obama to ignore their emails, phone calls, and town halls.  Just stay focused and ram through gun control.  What the people wanted was irrelevant it was about what the gun control thugs wanted and what was “good for the little people” who apparently were too dumb to see how good this would be for them.

Unfortunately this victory didn’t actually change the political make-up of the Colorado statehouse enough to reverse the damage done by these tyrants, but hopefully it shows other tyrants in other states and at the Federal level just what happens to tyrants that don’t respect the rights and will of the people.  If you ignore the will of the people even a billionaire can’t save you.

While I realize the victory was largely symbolic so was the battle at Thermopylae 2,500 hundred years ago, but go ask the Persians how well that turned out for them.

So it would appear that history is repeating itself here.  Tyrants who arrive and tell the people to lay down their arms or else.  There was another battle like that 2,500 years ago in Thermopylae when the Persians told the Spartans to throw down their weapons and they calmly responded…

Molon Labe!

Secession or Revolution in Colorado and Elsewhere?

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal, which I can’t share due to it being protected and available only to subscribers states that the 8 Northeast counties in Colorado are seeking secession from Colorado to make the 51st state (or 58th if you use Obama’s math).

The rub is a simple one.  The people of Northeastern Colorado simply want to be left alone and don’t want government sticking their fat noses into the lives and business of its residents.  Of course progressives simply can’t do that.  They live to interfere.

The specific issues of the people that live in this part of Colorado is their gun rights being stripped away because of something that happened over a thousand miles away in Newtown Connecticut.  They are also objecting to other issues of regulation that either forces them to live a certain way or pay more money for common services due to regulations and/or new taxes.

Naturally this course of action is a very distant long shot, which of course will only anger these people more.  One quote by a Democrat House member in Colorado sums up a continuing problem here…

There are more people in Colorado who support the legislation than oppose the legislation, said Mark Ferrandino, Colorado House Speaker who represents Denver.

There is the issue at its core.  Progressives believe that as long as they have 51% of any group who agree with them then they can slam home ANY freedom robbing law they want and piss on the 49% who disagree with you.  If you happen to be one of the people in that 49% minority tough luck for you.  Your rights don’t matter because 51% of another group disagrees with you.

Sadly this minority is increasingly being marginalized on every front.  They try and engage in the political process by writing and protesting and they are ignored.  They band together into groups like the TEA Party and they are investigated and discriminated against by the IRS.  They try and support and run candidates that share their values and specially designed ballot laws keep them from getting on the ballot.

In my area if you run as a Republican or Democrat you only need 50 valid signatures to get on the ballot, but if you are an independent or some other 3rd party group you need 2,500 signatures to get on that same ballot.  I wonder who wrote those rules?

Now this minority who has been ignored and trampled on by the tyranny of the majority is trying secession as their last path to freedom and that to is being denied to them due to the insane laws that are designed to prevent such an action.  What’s next?

My guess is that if the minority who simply wants to be left alone keeps getting trampled on by the 51% majority and this same majority keeps doing everything in their power to prevent them from getting relief any other way eventually they will look at revolution as their only option left open to them.  As Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street Irregulars is fond of saying…

“When Democracy Becomes Tyranny

"When Democracy Becomes Tyranny
I STILL get to vote.”


As Mike points out in his blog and history buffs may remember during the American Revolution approximately 3% of the Colonists ever picked up a rifle and joined the army.  This group was supported by another 10% of the population who donated materials and support to this group.  Perhaps another 20% looked upon this group favorably, but didn’t do much to actually support them.  A full 2/3 were either neutral or actually opposed them!  So only 1/3 of the people were successful in defeating the ambitions of the strongest army and navy in the world at that time.  Impressive.

The point is the tyrannical majority who thinks that their 51% of the votes entitles them to strip away the freedom and liberty of 100% of the people and then cleverly prevent any form of dissent by closing off all political and other forms of relief would do well to remember what a determined minority who is pushed too far can do.


Your White so your vote doesn’t count. Your rural so you vote doesn’t count.

Back in April when Obama’s prized gun control bill failed to pass the Senate supporters of gun control immediately began saying it was because “of all those rural states that support gun rights!”

Today I see an article about NRA commentator Colion Noir, who is both a gun enthusiast and African American.  The article goes on to explain how he is vilified by anti-gun morons who say he is a pawn of the NRA, which they say is made up of “fat, old, white guys” which of course Mr. Noir is not.

In both of these positions/statements there is something interesting.  First according to gun control liberals, apparently if you live in a rural area or you are old, fat, or white your vote to keep a civil right doesn’t count.  Really.

I guess unless you are an elitist like them and live in cities and are so much smarter and astute than all of us apparently knuckle dragging, white, old, fat, rural gun lovers your vote is both meaningless and doesn’t count.

I find that attitude extremely elitist and condescending, but that is pretty much the standard operating procedure for these idiots.  Only their refined opinion counts and the rest of us don’t.

If you are in that class of gun control advocates, let me fill you in on a little secret.  First, YOU are in the minority, not us.  Want proof?  Simple, if enough people wanted gun control and you were truly a majority all the opinions of the all the fat, white old guys who live in rural areas wouldn’t have been enough to stop the vote.  It you truly had the backers you claim, the numbers you claim, and majority your gun control measures would have sailed through without a hiccup.  Just look at California, where those individuals ARE the majority.  That is what the whole country would look like if YOU were indeed the majority.

Plus, let’s face it, no politician really cares about the opinions of the minority.  They care about winning and staying in office.  So again, if you were truly the majority you claim your numbers would be high enough to assure every anti-gun politician an easy victory.  They would never listen to us fat, old, white, rural folks out here in the hinterlands.

No, I think what really scares you is that you know deep down that people like Colion Noir is NOT the exception and that YOU are the minority and not us.  YOUR opinion is the one that is trying to be foisted upon the majority, not the other way around.  People like Colion Noir speak for a class of people you have always claimed vote with you 100% of the time and that you “own” this group on all your issues.  I think you might be wrong and that really pisses you off.

I bet you really hate that Bill of Rights thingy now don’t you 🙂

How a Free Nation Becomes a Dictatorship

By now most people have heard of the 13 hour old fashioned filibuster by Rand Paul. If you don’t know you must be living under a proverbial rock. As predicted the vast majority of major news outlets totally ignored this monumental speech and they wonder why their ratings keep falling!

The news sources that did report it are misrepresenting the reason for it. Most reports are saying he was filibustering the appointment of John Brennan as head of the CIA, but that was simply the vehicle he used. Far more importantly he was fighting to insure that the President of the United States DID NOT claim the authority to use drones to execute American citizens on U.S. soil without a trial, charges, or any due process of law.

Many people who are NOT inclined to Liberty (Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham) and most of the Republican party not to mention almost the entire Democrat party thought this effort by Senator Paul was a waste of time and was a useless exercise of the filibuster. Morons! Of course leave it up to out touch politicians to not see the significance in these actions.

His speech was extremely important because it forced both the Attorney General and the President to issue a definitive “NO” they did not have this authority, which they would NOT do before. Many thought it was a silly to assume such a threat existed in the first place. Those fools obviously do not understand how a free nation deteriorates into a dictatorship…

Phase 1: Expanded Power

In the first step the government begins claiming unprecedented powers for itself that violate and ignore any semblance of The Constitution, or more importantly the Bill of Rights. We saw that occur with the so called “Patriot” Act, which stripped away much of the 4th Amendment and other valuable protections. Next, we saw the NDAA of 2011, which gave the government unprecedented powers to arrest, detain, and hold indefinitely, without charges or access to an attorney both American citizens on U.S. soil and non citizens alike.

In fact, it designated the entire U.S. as a battlefield, which gives the government a vast array of powers and options regarding the use of drones, CIA, and ultimately the military. We are told in each case that we “need” these powers to fight terrorism and terrorist, this despite the the majority of uses of the “Patriot” Act have been against non-terrorist. These powers didn’t come over night, many of them have been discussed for years before becoming law. They have been eased into place over time and usually pushed through Congress during a “crisis” manufactured or otherwise.

Phase 2: Expanded Police

Once the powers are in place you start ramping up your police forces and quickly militarizing them. We have seen many Federal and even local police forces being given fully automatic rifles, tanks, ballistic body armor, and many other tools that in the past were only reserved for military for use on foreign battlefields against foreign enemies. Not any longer. Now they are being used against U.S. Citizens on an ever increasing basis, but we are told it is OK, because they are just police and not military. Sure.

Phase 3: Disarm the People

This phase is also well on its way. You have a much harder time oppressing a people who can pick up a battle rifle and fight back like our ancestors did during the Revolutionary War that gave this nation birth. We see an unprecedented assault on the 2nd Amendment going on right now. We are told that people don’t “need” so called “assault” weapons or “high capacity” magazines for their firearms and we also need to “know who has these guns” so we need to register them. Not to take them away mind you, just to know where they are at. Sure. No registration scheme in the history of the world was put in force without the end game being confiscation. So it is this time. We are told “weapons of war” don’t belong on the streets. OK, why do the police have them and actually much more and correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe these are used “on the street” in every American city coast to coast.

Phase 4: Expand the “pool” of Terrorist

This phase takes the longest period of time to complete, but it is what brings the whole package of goodies together and finishes off the rapid disintegration of a free people into a dictatorship. As phases 1-3 were being rolled out there were many people who were attempting to bring attention to what was happening. Most were quickly branded as “extremist” and “on the fringe” of what the “American people” wanted. News sources would quickly belittle such people and their positions when they even bothered to cover their objections in the first place.

Then the truly terrifying steps start coming into focus. The government and their lap dogs in the media start taking the term “terrorist” and expand the definition so that it now includes people who believe in The Constitution, 2nd Amendment, Freedom, Liberty, or Patriots. So no longer are terrorist just the radicals overseas trying to blow up airplanes. Now they are also your friends, family and neighbors.

Of course this step is much harder to put in place then the steps above so it takes time and a constant drum beat of media telling us this is the case. The idea is to slowly “re-educate” people to believe this is true. We start to see this show up in cultural elements of society like TV shows work it in the writing and movies and other elements. Sometimes the messages are subtle sometimes they are blatant. Either way it is constant and continues in an almost mechanical fashion. Marching on and on. Many Americans are too stupid, asleep or interested in other important things like reality TV and the newest electronic toy to hit the market to notice this change.

Once the re-education step is finally effective and public opinion starts to change and people believe Constitution loving, 2nd Amendment advocates and others are now “terrorist” they begin the final phase…

Phase 5: The Final Solution

I deliberately chose the term “Final Solution” because this was the term Hitler gave to his “solution” of finally exterminating the Jews. It started by applying all these new laws designed to reign in the Jews and lead to them being wholly executed in concentration camps. So it will happen here in time. It will start by using these new found government powers and police to round up are newly created group of “terrorist” that many in the American public, now fully “re-educated” completely accept as “terrorist” because they have heard it so often and for so long and the so called “terrorist” who kept trying to tell them what was happening have been dismissed and called fringe believers. They were diminished. Eventually their humanity will be removed through this “re-education” process and that is when the extermination begins.

Of course they can’t fight back because their 2nd Amendment rights have long disappeared and they can’t fight back against a militarized police force with unlimited powers and a government, lap dog media, and now “re-educated” American people who believe this is all OK and the way things should be. Once some of currently asleep Americans start wake up it will be far too late. The freedom will be gone and government will now be an all powerful dictatorship with the absolute power of life and death over everyone.

This was what Rand Paul was speaking up against. This was what he was trying to halt. He understands where this is going. Idiots like McCain and Graham are trying to move us there as fast as possible and most Democrats won’t speak out against “their President” so they are simply useful idiots to the march towards tyranny.

This formula has been applied over and over in history. Russia under Stalin. China under Mao, Germany under Hitler and many other countless times throughout history. It always goes the same way and the end result is always the same. Brutality, executions, total absence of freedom, liberty or anything resembling a Bill of Rights. So those slumbering Americans who just heard “blah, blah, blah” as Rand Paul was speaking. You deserve what is coming. You want to right to vote, but not the responsibility of educating yourself and keeping your rights.

Obama hasn’t paid any taxes for the last 10 years

I met this guy who knows a guy that went to college with a business associate of Obama’s and he told me that Obama has basically not paid any taxes on his income for the last 10 years! I won’t reveal my source and I am not sure if any of this is true, but does it really matter?

Harry Reid in an attempt to get his daily smear in of Mitt Romney has accused him of not paying any taxes for the last 10 years.  Of course he won’t actually name his source and he admits that he doesn’t know if it is even true or not, but why let the facts, or lack of, get in the way of a good story.  Plus he can always count on his buddies in the lame stream media to pick this up and report it just like it was a well researched and completely factual story with credible and documented sources.

For a moment there I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, with the country suffering unemployment over 8% for 41 straight months, a Federal deficit approaching 16 Trillion dollars, and a housing market that can’t seem to find a bottom or be anywhere near a recovery; basically the American economy on fire we could perhaps focus this presidential election on ideas and solutions instead of the typical dirty politics.  Thank you Senator Reid for helping show me the error of my ways and showing me this election is just like all the others.

One would think that with Harry helping to create a Congressional approval rating in the single digits or not passing a budget for the last 3 years or not bothering to debate and work with any of the 30 bills the House has passed and sent to his chamber that he would have something else to do, but nope, smearing Romney is the top of his priority list!

Most people agree that politics has always been a dirty business, but luckily just when you think politics can’t go any lower you have a monumental idiot like Harry to prove you wrong and show it can actually go lower.  Thank you, Harry for showing the American people what is important and that politics can ALWAYS go lower!


Aurora Colorado Shootings

The shootings in Aurora Colorado are a horrible tragedy and my prayers go out to the victims and their families.  I hope the piece of sh*t coward, whose name I will not write gets a punishment befitting the crime and pain he caused.

The second tragedy that has come out of this event is the absolutely crass and senseless way that the left has tried to cash in on this terrible event to score some political points.  These were people.  Husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.  They deserve better than to have Democrats, Liberals, and the Left try and score some victory off the tragedy, but why should we expect any better from them.  This is their standard operating procedure.

First, there was that moron Brian Ross of ABC News who tried to link the shooter to the Tea Party.  This particular story suggest it was a “mistake”, which it wasn’t.  This was intentional and designed to try and smear the Tea Party.  Brian Ross did this with malice and forethought.  It was not a mistake.  To make that link in a search engine he had to put both the terms [shooter name] and Tea Party in.  You don’t find that result by simply searching for information about the shooter, which means that Brian Ross was trying to find (or create the image) of a link between the shooter and the Tea Party.  He actually wanted there to be a link and worked to find it.  In other words he decided what he wanted the story to be and then went out to find the “facts” to support it.  He had an agenda (smear Tea Party) and he searched for terms that might create the illusion or he hoped the actual facts to prove this.  Once he discovered what he thought was pay dirt he rushed out on the news circuit to report this without verifying the information.  A couple of points…

  1. This was intentional on Brian Ross’s part because it took someone deliberately trying to find a link between the shooter and the Tea Party.
  2. Even if it were true, which it was not, how is this considered breaking or even relevant news?  It is not, not any more than saying he was a registered Democrat is relevant to the story.

Brian Ross had an agenda and he knew full well new that rushing out there with this smear would taint the Tea Party and even if he had to come out later, as he did, and say it wasn’t true he knew full well the damage would already been done.  Sort of like a lawyer announcing a piece of information in court he knows is out of bounds and will draw an objection, but once said will be in the minds of the jury.  He knew once this was out there that it would be in the minds of many people, be repeated by bloggers, social media followers and many others.  It would be a quick hatchet job and by the time the truth got out there it wouldn’t really matter.

Why is it that the the left is ALWAYS the first to quickly take any shooting tragedy and try and blame Republicans, Conservatives, or in this case the Tea Party?  Because they so desperately want it to be true.  They work harder than anyone in journalism and politics to find links, not matter how obscure, to link a tragedy like this to the right.  Rather than wait for the actual facts to come out they immediately assume (and hope) that the person can somehow be tied to the right.  They almost never are, but they can’t miss an opportunity to try and score some crass political points no matter who it hurts or smears.

Second, main point.  This theater, like most was posted as no carry zone for concealed carry permit holders, i.e. they created a criminal protection zone.  As always the left lives in a fantasy world where they believe that if you simply hang up a sign that says “no guns” that the criminals will follow this law.  They won’t and this proves it, yet one more time with another senseless tragedy and another group of victims.  Had they allowed concealed carry permit holders in there then someone may have been able to stop this maniac before he killed 12 people, but no, the sign kept all the good guys who are carrying guns out and the criminals, like always, simply ignore the signs and go into a place they know is nice and safe to commit a heinous act of murder where nobody can stop them.  Will the left and anti-gun crowd learn from this?  Nope.

Even now there are the anti-gun crowd who have the press releases in the drawer ready to go for events like this.  They simply pull out the pre-printed press release, change the dates, names and few key facts and rush it out there calling for more gun control.  With shrill screams of how if they just had more gun laws THIS wouldn’t have happened.  Right.  Just like that no guns sign on the door stopped this guy.

The anti-gun group, just like that idiot Brian Ross quickly rushed out before they even removed the bodies of the victims to start screaming for bans and more anti-gun laws to be passed.  Never let a good crisis go to waste I guess.

Here is a question, if this guy had driven a big truck and waited in the parking lot for the movie to be released and when people started coming out he deliberately ran over a big group of them and killed 12 people would we be calling for the banning of trucks or saying that we needed tighter laws controlling the ownership of trucks?  No, and of course the left will say that is just stupid to even suggest, but yet they will not miss an opportunity to say it about guns.

Both are inanimate objects.  Both cannot hurt people unless a bad person uses it to do so.  Both have legitimate uses outside of killing people.  But only one gets the anti-gun lobby worked up and out trying to cash in on every single shooting tragedy as an opportunity to score political points and push their agenda.  Some bad person does something bad with a gun and the left immediately wants to take guns away from everyone that didn’t have anything to do with it.  Nice.

I would say I hope the left learned their lesson, but they didn’t and the next horrible tragedy to hit this country will demonstrate that they will sink to any depths, including cashing in on murders to score some political points, smear the Tea Party or Conservatives or find a way to outlaw something they don’t approve of, i.e. guns.