Bitcoin Sells its Soul

Bitcoin was a fantastic innovation in the freedom based currency. Notice the operative word “was” in there. Up until they inked a deal to become a bank they were a totally independent online payment network without any ties to any country. You could use them to conduct totally private transactions that you didn’t want Big Brother snooping around in. It was like the legendary Swiss Bank Account of 40 years ago, but even more independent because it lived in computer networks scattered around the globe.

Sadly, that has come to an end now because they inked a deal to be recognized as a bank. As the article says now they are on the same [completely non-private] footing as Pay Pal and other sell outs to the global free money movement. They claim they did this to make it easier for novices to use and lend them some legitimacy. Unfortunately what they did not understand is that “legitimacy” comes with a cost. It costs them their free status and now subjects them to a zillion and one government rules.

Doing this is like inking a deal with the devil. Anyone who has ever watched a bad horror movie knows you can’t EVER enter a deal with the devil without getting screwed. So it will be with Bitcoin. For example, if Interpol wants to track down a specific purchase made between two private individuals who used Bitcoin they simply need to flex their Big Brother muscles on Bitcoin using the new handy dandy bank rules they are under and get the identities and accounts cracked open for a looksy.

Suspect someone of “tax fraud” and want to take a little peak [without a warrant] just contact Bitcoin and press the newly installed bank rule button for instant Big Brother [warrantless] access.

I can hear the chorus of defenders to this move now…

  • Only criminals need anonymous transactions…
  • If you didn’t do anything wrong what do you have to hide…
  • This is really only going to be used to keep people “safe”

Yes, this was a big move for Bitcoin. They just signed a deal with Satan and now those people who used them for anonymity will pay the price. Thanks, Bitcoin for being a standup defender of freedom and privacy.

Obama says “You didn’t build that!”

President Obama recently said: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

We are told all of us entrepreneurs out here who object to these harsh words are taking the President “out of context”. What he really meant was that we got help, we had a great teacher, we used roads built by others. I happen to know something about business because I am a business owner. I have been for the last 8 years. My business is an Internet based business, the same Internet that Obama says the government built and is responsible for my success. Fine, Obama…

  • Did the Internet build all the web sites I created over the years?
  • Did that government sponsored Internet promote those web sites and make them successful?
  • Did the Internet spend countless hours writing the content for all of those web sites?
  • Did the Internet come to my office and spend hours and hours coding, creating, and building?
  • Did the Internet make the phone calls and go on the sales calls?
  • Did the Internet work long weekends and late nights to make the deadlines?
  • Did the Internet come and help me stuff hundreds of pieces of mail to help promote my business?
  • Did the Internet hire the people I have employed over the years to help build my business?
  • Did the Internet pay my contractors and employees?
  • Did the Internet go to the bank and plead my case to get a line of credit to expand?
  • Did the Internet sign on the dotted line at the bank telling the bank I was PERSONALLY responsible for those loans if the business went south?
  • Did the Internet come over and help me figure out how to make payroll when cash flow was bad?

Obama you are a deplorable excuse for a President and haven’t got a clue what small business owners go through or have done. How could you. You have never worked in the private sector your whole life. You have been coddled by government programs and institutions your entire life. You don’t understand how free enterprise works and because you don’t understand it you fear and criticize it. It is a mystery to you and will always remain so.

Let me just say I DID BUILD THIS! I didn’t build it because of your help I built it in SPITE of you! I have spent the last 4 years trying to survive the horrible economy YOU, not George W. Bush are responsible for! I built it and accepted less money for my work to pay the taxes you piled on me!  I paid thousands of dollars to attorneys and accountants to show me how to safely navigate all the B.S. regulations, laws, and road blocks you put in my way everyday!  As an entrepreneur I AM responsible for my success OR my failure. Nobody else, which is more than I can say for the pathetic excuses you offer for your own failures…

  • It is George Bush’s fault
  • It is the Arab Spring
  • It is a Tsunami
  • It is the debt crisis in Europe
  • It is the Republicans
  • It is do nothing Congress
  • It is politics
  • It is, it is, it is…

Unlike you I can’t go out and spend millions of dollars lying to the American people about my failures and still keep my job. My evaluators are the free market and it doesn’t accept pathetic excuses like you spout everyday.

When I don’t deliver I lose money and if I lose too much money I don’t have a business. What is more, is the government, a great teacher, the government built Internet or roads or any of the other people who you say are responsible for my success seem to be strangely absent when my failure is on the line. But like most parasites the second I make one dollar in income your stupid ass shows up with your hand out telling me to pay “my fair share” and “we need to spread the wealth around” the wealth I created with my two hands not you!  Yes, my mind, my hands created this!  The mind and hands of an INDIVIDUAL not a collective.  Individuals built all the great things in this country!

If the American people are dumb enough to re-elect you it shows that I am in the minority of people that still believe in freedom, liberty, and really know how to build a business. If that horrible outcome comes to pass I will have to think long and hard if I want to continue to carry you and your leeches any longer.

Who is John Galt?

Joe Biden Criticizing “So Called Job Creators”

In a recent speech Joe Biden was out criticizing “So called job creators”.  Now most people can quickly dismiss Joe Biden as not quite the sharpest tool in the shed and perhaps dismiss most of what he has to say on a given day as just above typical drivel of a moron, but in this case he was parroting Obama and that is something to pay attention to.

This speech was no doubt created, endorsed, and approved by the Obama re-election team and hence believed by Obama himself.  So let’s examine what he said in the speech.  First, he again discusses the need to make “investments” in research and development and education.  Let me pose the question what exactly is an “investment”?  Well, if you check the basic texts of investment and economics it basically means when you produce income that you don’t spend then you can save the surplus and put that surplus to work for you in some type of investment vehicle that earns a bigger return for you.

As has been pointed out many times before the government doesn’t produce anything except waste so they don’t have income.  What they have is wealth they have plundered from others who do actually earn income.  Second, part of the definition is that it is a surplus of what you don’t spend.  The government is not running a surplus.  It is running an enormous deficit and has over 15 TRILLION in debt.  Therefore you don’t “invest” when you don’t have any money.  Instead his term means SPEND and it further means SPEND MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE AND MUST BORROW WITH INTEREST!  This is the one of the dumbest ideas ever, but he, like Obama figure if they call it an “investment” that most the American people will be dumb enough to believe it is a good thing.  Many actually will.  Those people vote.  That is scary.

Second thing he does in the speech is downgrade and criticize “job creators” as basically not knowing what to do to fix this economy that has been under this administration’s control for over 42 months and is failing badly, but hey, they know what they are doing and the “job creators” i.e. businessmen and women don’t.  Just give them another 4 years of this crap and it will all be much better.  If you believe that I have some of my “investments” I would like to sell you.

Again, this is so absurd it almost isn’t worth commenting on.  Almost.  Unforunately again there are people out there that slurp up this drivel and think it is true.  Most of them cannot be redeemed.  Some of them can and that is who this post is for.

Here is a question, if we let Obama have another 4 years to continue spending us into oblivion, er, I mean “investing” in research and development and education what exactly will happen?  I mean what happens to all of that “research” and what happens to all of those people who are now “educated”.  All of this new research needs someone who can turn that into a marketable product that actually produces wealth.  Those newly educated people need to find jobs.  Jobs that don’t exist today and according to Joe won’t be created by business people.

Let me just say if these idiots are given another 4 years those “research” dollars will go into companies like Solyndra or Abound Solar.  Maybe 3 times is the charm, huh?  These are just a couple of Obama’s “investments” he has made.  Good thing he works in the government investment business because if he worked in the private sector investment business a track record like this would have gotten him fired a loooooong time ago.

The bottom line is another 4 years of Obama’s “investments” will be wasted and those dollars for “education” will go to unions and some of that cash going to both will make it full circle back to Democrats campaign funds.  Legalized corruption.  You have to love it.  What won’t happen is jobs will not be created and the private sector will continue to flounder and the country will get poorer.  Sounds like a winning plan to me.

Unemployment Rate Hits New High of 8.2%

Here we are again at another “Summer of Recovery” as Obama keeps calling them with a nice bump up in the unemployment rate to 8.2% from 8.1% last month, neither of which even begin to explain the real unemployment rate.  The real rate is actually much higher and many financial experts have been saying so for a while now. Some claim it is still somewhere near 14-16% right now.  The reason is because our current unemployment statistics can be smashed and rehashed to cover up even huge disasters like Obama’s “economic plan” he has been putting in place since he came into office.

Fortunately Obama’s lap dogs are hard at work telling most people who only read headlines that Unemployment stats are irrelevant so this recent bout of bad news isn’t really bad news because the rate doesn’t really matter any longer.  Unless of course it were to go down, if that happened than Obama’s lap dogs would be telling us this is the most critical number in economics.  Doesn’t it feel good to know you have such reliable news services to tell you stuff like this?

The bottom line is the unemployment number has not moved much in real terms since this train wreck of a president came into office.  It won’t begin to change until a completely new course is taken with a lowering of taxes, cutting spending, and eliminating regulations, you know, business friendly policies.  Since we don’t have those and won’t until Obama joins the unemployment line this is likely to continue.  Fortunately we are just at the beginning of of another “summer of recovery” so who knows we could have a raging machine of an economy on our hands by September and I have no doubt the media will be right there to tell all of us plebs that is the case even if it is not.

The real question will be are Americans truly dumb enough to fall for this and give this idiot another 4 years.  We shall see in November.  The excitement is almost unbearable.

Obama Backs Gay Marriage

Well, it is all over the news today.  Obama finally comes out of the closet and backs gay marriage.  Yawn.  Well, he didn’t really “back it” per se.  It was more of a good idea in his mind.  He “personally” thinks it is a good idea, but decided to let states handle the issue.

You mean Obama is for states rights???!?  Really.  Now that should be news!  This is a guy who wants the power of the Federal government to crush any dissenters and force every single person to buy health insurance.  Wants to stop states from protecting their own borders, meddles in state election laws, but on THIS issue he is finally FOR states rights.  That would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

He doesn’t back states rights, never believed in them.  Never will.  He believes in an all powerful central government that delivers cradle to grave government gravy to the masses.  He has always believed in gay marriage dating back to 1994, but realized it wasn’t a real big vote generator so never really backed it until now.  I wonder why?  My guess is because as long as people are talking about this they aren’t talking about other more important issues.

So now that gay marriage and Obama’s exact position, at least for today, has been clarified we can get back to our regularly scheduled program… the economy.  So Obama how is your awesome economic stimulus plan doing today?  Oh, come on, please tell us inquiring minds want to know.