Watch List = No Gun Rights… Again!

It is amazing to me how bad ideas in Washington never seem to die. They are like vampires, that instead of blood want to suck liberties and freedom away instead. They just keep coming back over and over again. You think you put a stake through the heart of one of these freedom robbing ideas, but nope, here it comes again! Here we are after another horrific terrorist act performed by Radical Islamic Jihadist and again the talk moves to gun control. I have of course written about this before.

However this time I wish to report that someone in the Huffington Post of all places actually has some semblance of the problem and what the NRA is against. Let’s see if the dimwits in the Democrat Party can understand THIS time around. I doubt it, but like a hopeful parent I keep hoping the morons will catch on, but they never do.

As pointed out in this Huffington Post article, it explains the issue with the NRA and these ever expanding black lists from government is the absolute lack of due process involved in getting on a list, finding out you are on it, and getting yourself off it if you are innocent.

It seems the government REALLY hates this whole 5th Amendment thing. It is just too hard for them to go out and present real evidence and hold a trial and all that other “hard stuff”. It is so much easier to just pass a law that says we can strip rights, property, freedom and liberty away with no trial because some government thug somewhere thinks it is a good idea to put you on some type of secret list.

Any Libertarian worth his or her salt hates these watch lists for multiple reasons, but as the article above states the NRA is correct on this issue. Lack of due process is completely unacceptable and it holds true in this case as well. You can’t start having secret government lists that strip people of rights!

Now having said that I wouldn’t start cheering these stupid lists even if due process was used. Why? Because ultimately it involves putting someone on a list that strips liberties away for something that someone MIGHT do down the road, but we aren’t really sure.

If someone has ALREADY broken laws and is ALREADY a terrorist who has ALREADY done acts of murder or terror then LOCK THEM UP! Don’t put them on some list! But wait, what about terrorists that are running around overseas right now. Unless they are American citizens they don’t get rights under our Constitution. If they are Americans AND terrorists then catch them like you would any criminal and prosecute them!

The whole concept of taking people’s freedom’s away because of things they haven’t but might do someday is a very dangerous precedent to start. Plus who gets to decide these definitions? What constitutes an actual terrorist? I know everyone has their vision of what a terrorist is, but I guarantee that government will have a different definition if you allow this and it will be one you won’t like or worse the definition will start getting bigger and bigger to include more people.

It is no accident that members of the NRA and gun rights enthusiasts get called “terrorist” every time they stand up to Congress when the scum bags are trying to infringe on our liberties again. These un-American ass hats know damn good and well that a whole lot of freedom and liberties are suddenly granted to the police, courts and government and taken away from private citizens if you can brand some person or group as a “terrorist”. That is like a government magic word for immediately suspending constitutional rights from a group of people.

So, if we let this go through even with “due process” in place what happens when the media and liberals everywhere are successful in branding NRA members as terrorist? Poof! There goes our rights and we help sell the bill that will allow it to happen.

You see as dangerous as it is to strip people’s rights and liberties away for things they might do someday it is even more dangerous when the government has amorphous ever changing definitions of what or who a “terrorist” is and what constitutes “acts of terror” that will justify this loss of liberty. You just have to know that whatever party is in control of the levers of power will try and brand their POLITICAL enemies as “terrorists” so they can immediately throw them on some list and strip away a ton of Constitutional liberties.

This whole “war on terror” and who is an actual terrorist is just giving people that don’t deserve our trust (government) way too much power and discretion with our liberties.

Therefore, I stand where I did before. NOT ONE MORE INCH when it comes to gun rights or for that matter giving the thugs more power under the guise of “keeping us safe” and the “war on terror”.

I will keep myself safe. I don’t need the government to do it for me. First, they suck at it. Second, I prefer to do these things myself so I know what I am getting. All I need from government is to stay away from anymore of my liberties. Just back off and leave me alone. There are millions of other Americans that think the same thing.

Molon Labe!


Is Obamacare Dead?

A case sitting before the Supreme Court right now known as King v. Burwell has all the potential to deliver a death blow to Obamacare. The crux of the case is that the law specifically reads that only states that have state run exchanges qualify for Federal subsidies. There are over 30 states they don’t have a state run exchange, which means the Federal tyrants have set up an exchange for them, wasn’t that sweet of them. The states that have no state exchange are technically not entitled to stolen tax payer money subsidies.

It doesn’t help the progressive idiots that used some of the most convoluted shams lies kick backs “rules” to get this passed and as a result didn’t get to actually clean up this monstrosity. Now they are claiming they never intended for it to not cover everyone. Of course this to is a lie. It was specifically written this way to bribe force create incentives the states to set up their own exchanges. Many of them did not and now Obama and his criminal henchman in Congress are in a bit of a pickle as they offer up additional lies excuses lame reasoning explanation for what they meant.

The question of course is will the SCOTUS rule as they should, which is to say looking at the letter of the law where it specifically says state run exchanges are the only ones able to receive stolen tax payer loot and rule as they should by the letter of the law.

Since that traitor, John Roberts had to perform such complex legal gymnastics the first time to find this piece of crap “Constitutional” by essentially re-writing it on the fly I am not hopeful that he will rule any differently this time. He will probably accept the lies from the progressives that they intended this to be the case from the beginning, apply a huge dose of legal gymnastics again and again vote in their favor. After you add up the other 4 guaranteed Obama votes from the 4 liberal Justices you will get another 4/5 decision. In fact, I am so sure this is what will happen I think it is as close to a sure bet as you can get.

We should know in a few short months. The anticipation is killing me…NOT!

Obama and ISIS vs. ISIL

There seems to be some confusion floating around against the latest terror group that will no doubt be the basis for more freedom robbing legislation; all in the name of security of course!

I noticed the media started referring to them (many still do) as ISIS. I then noticed that Obama and the members of his regime deliberately changed the wording to ISIL. Now that he has done this I noticed many of the news organizations have started picking it up and using it.

I gather the typical low information voter probably doesn’t care one way or the other and probably thinks both are some new brand of soap or something. We are after all talking about a dim witted crowd here, who sadly, are allowed to vote, but I digress.

Anyway my reason in bringing this up at all does actually have a point. I basically consider Obama a freedom hating tyrant so I am not sure it would surprise me to note that his change in calling a terror group ISIL vs. ISIS just happens to correspond with another group…

International Society of Individual Liberty

A fine global organization built around the concept of freedom, not beheading journalists. Unfortunately a group with a very unfortunate acronym thanks to Obama.

Maybe it is just me, but does anyone else consider it interesting that a freedom hating tyrant like Obama happens to start referring to the highest profile terror group as ISIL, which just happens to be the name of a totally different and much older group based on the concept of individual freedom?

Further, I find it interesting that the dim witted morons that vote and support this tyrant will pick up on this and will only remember ISIL. Which begs the question, what happens when the dim wits come across a totally unrelated group that is the antithesis of everything Obama stands for, but thinks this is somehow linked to this infamous soap, er, I mean terror group he has been referring to?

Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs Secretary – Fired!

According to the Washington Times article, Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs Secretary is out. Of course anyone who has been following the appalling disgrace of how our veterans have been treated at VA hospitals all over the U.S. could see this coming. Further, this will be debated endlessly by the lame-stream media and “what it means to Obama” and other worthless crap like that. I am focusing on only one thing in this announcement. It says this in the article…

The president said Mr. Shinseki had already begun to fire “many of the people responsible,” including senior leaders at the Phoenix VA.

He’s canceled any possible performance bonuses this year for VHA senior executives, and he has ordered the VA to personally contact every veteran in Phoenix waiting for appointments to get them the care that they need and that they deserve,” the president said.

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The bold is mine. When Wall Street with ample help from the Federal Reserve tanked the U.S. economy back in 2007-08 Congress started holding worthless hearing after hearing to learn “what happened” when the reality is they all already knew because they helped cause a good portion of it with horrible policy that was more about politics than policy.

But I digress. The point is as part of those hearings we heard a lot about greedy bankers and banks that “soaked” the American people while lining their own pockets with HUGE bonuses. I will concede the point that many of these executives did indeed line their own pockets with huge bonuses and many of them knew what they were doing was wrong and did anyway.

However something that every liberal Congress Critter started calling for immediately was a law to “claw back” these bonuses. In other words take back the bonuses that were already paid because in the opinion of these Congress Critters they did not earn that money (talk about calling the kettle black!) so they felt it was only justified that these bonuses be “clawed back”.

Question to consider…

How many of these Congressional Snakes will start calling to “claw back” the bonuses of all of these worthless government workers, VA officials, etc. that helped perpetrate this horrendous crime on our veterans. Fair is fair. If Wall Street had to give up their bonuses for lying and cheating seems only fair that these ass hats from the VA should have to do the same.

Would anyone care to offer any odds that this is EVEN BROUGHT UP much less actually implemented. You won’t hear anything but crickets and silence waiting to hear this possible solution offered up. Luckily though that idiot in the White House cancelled all future bonuses… at least until nobody is looking and he can quietly slip them back in on Friday afternoon when nobody is paying attention.

The Emperor from Ohio, John Kasich is Eliminating his Political Challengers

Now I finally see why Americans have such a miserable voter turnout record in almost all elections. According to a post by Wendy McElroy, the Ohio Senate has passed a bill to essentially block out all third party [read Libertarian] candidates and protect the established 2 party system. Why, because according to this blog post John Kasich, Ohio Emperor, err, I mean, “Governor” is in some trouble right now for essentially being the “Liberal Lite” candidate.

This is a sad commentary on our Republic when the people in power not only ignore their constituents on a regular basis, but then rig the voting apparatus so nobody can challenge them to a fair race. What a crock of shit! What are they afraid of? If they believe they have the best ideas for the people then let them run fairly on their ideas against others with differing ideas and see what the people think. Let us choose.

We are closing in on a full blown dictatorship now. First, they cut out all voices accept the 2 parties currently in power and most would argue there isn’t even 2 parties; just one giant party with varying nuances in their approaches. Pretty soon we can just dispense with the illusion of a Democratically elected Republic and just appoint our leaders like they did in Rome. We already have a President who believes he is part god and emperor over the lands, why not just start appointing them. It appears we have no interest in fair and open elections any longer.

Congress, err, I mean the President Should Do his Job!

According to the eloquent speaking lying Jay Carney he is quoted as saying…

“The president has always said he will talk about anything. What he won’t do is pay a ransom…in exchange for Congress doing its fundamental job.”

Really? “Willing to talk about anything”… how big of him. Maybe sometime before the end of his presidency or this country, whichever comes first, we can actually get him to do something instead of just talking about it. So far the only thing I have seen Obama do is talk such as blaming Bush for everything, making excuses for his failures, or denying any knowledge of damn near anything that happens in his administration such as IRS abuses, gun running at the justice (small “j” since they don’t actually dispense Justice) Department or failure to save 4 brave Americans who died waiting for help in Benghazi.

Also, speaking of jobs, isn’t it the job of the Senate (The Democratically controlled one) to create a budget, which for some strange reason we have not seen in 5 YEARS! Or here is another one, how about voting on the HUGE pile of funding bills the House has sent to them already. Call me crazy, but I thought the Senate was a voting body, but you wouldn’t know if from their utter failure to vote on any of the funding bills sitting on their desk right now.

You see, Carney, if the Senate would do their job not only would veterans be allowed to see their own Memorials, but their families might actually be paid some death benefits as well, but we wouldn’t have to have these battles every year or so because we would know how much to spend by LOOKING AT THE BUDGET!!!! you nitwit!

Secession or Revolution in Colorado and Elsewhere?

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal, which I can’t share due to it being protected and available only to subscribers states that the 8 Northeast counties in Colorado are seeking secession from Colorado to make the 51st state (or 58th if you use Obama’s math).

The rub is a simple one.  The people of Northeastern Colorado simply want to be left alone and don’t want government sticking their fat noses into the lives and business of its residents.  Of course progressives simply can’t do that.  They live to interfere.

The specific issues of the people that live in this part of Colorado is their gun rights being stripped away because of something that happened over a thousand miles away in Newtown Connecticut.  They are also objecting to other issues of regulation that either forces them to live a certain way or pay more money for common services due to regulations and/or new taxes.

Naturally this course of action is a very distant long shot, which of course will only anger these people more.  One quote by a Democrat House member in Colorado sums up a continuing problem here…

There are more people in Colorado who support the legislation than oppose the legislation, said Mark Ferrandino, Colorado House Speaker who represents Denver.

There is the issue at its core.  Progressives believe that as long as they have 51% of any group who agree with them then they can slam home ANY freedom robbing law they want and piss on the 49% who disagree with you.  If you happen to be one of the people in that 49% minority tough luck for you.  Your rights don’t matter because 51% of another group disagrees with you.

Sadly this minority is increasingly being marginalized on every front.  They try and engage in the political process by writing and protesting and they are ignored.  They band together into groups like the TEA Party and they are investigated and discriminated against by the IRS.  They try and support and run candidates that share their values and specially designed ballot laws keep them from getting on the ballot.

In my area if you run as a Republican or Democrat you only need 50 valid signatures to get on the ballot, but if you are an independent or some other 3rd party group you need 2,500 signatures to get on that same ballot.  I wonder who wrote those rules?

Now this minority who has been ignored and trampled on by the tyranny of the majority is trying secession as their last path to freedom and that to is being denied to them due to the insane laws that are designed to prevent such an action.  What’s next?

My guess is that if the minority who simply wants to be left alone keeps getting trampled on by the 51% majority and this same majority keeps doing everything in their power to prevent them from getting relief any other way eventually they will look at revolution as their only option left open to them.  As Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street Irregulars is fond of saying…

“When Democracy Becomes Tyranny

"When Democracy Becomes Tyranny
I STILL get to vote.”


As Mike points out in his blog and history buffs may remember during the American Revolution approximately 3% of the Colonists ever picked up a rifle and joined the army.  This group was supported by another 10% of the population who donated materials and support to this group.  Perhaps another 20% looked upon this group favorably, but didn’t do much to actually support them.  A full 2/3 were either neutral or actually opposed them!  So only 1/3 of the people were successful in defeating the ambitions of the strongest army and navy in the world at that time.  Impressive.

The point is the tyrannical majority who thinks that their 51% of the votes entitles them to strip away the freedom and liberty of 100% of the people and then cleverly prevent any form of dissent by closing off all political and other forms of relief would do well to remember what a determined minority who is pushed too far can do.


Obama hasn’t paid any taxes for the last 10 years

I met this guy who knows a guy that went to college with a business associate of Obama’s and he told me that Obama has basically not paid any taxes on his income for the last 10 years! I won’t reveal my source and I am not sure if any of this is true, but does it really matter?

Harry Reid in an attempt to get his daily smear in of Mitt Romney has accused him of not paying any taxes for the last 10 years.  Of course he won’t actually name his source and he admits that he doesn’t know if it is even true or not, but why let the facts, or lack of, get in the way of a good story.  Plus he can always count on his buddies in the lame stream media to pick this up and report it just like it was a well researched and completely factual story with credible and documented sources.

For a moment there I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, with the country suffering unemployment over 8% for 41 straight months, a Federal deficit approaching 16 Trillion dollars, and a housing market that can’t seem to find a bottom or be anywhere near a recovery; basically the American economy on fire we could perhaps focus this presidential election on ideas and solutions instead of the typical dirty politics.  Thank you Senator Reid for helping show me the error of my ways and showing me this election is just like all the others.

One would think that with Harry helping to create a Congressional approval rating in the single digits or not passing a budget for the last 3 years or not bothering to debate and work with any of the 30 bills the House has passed and sent to his chamber that he would have something else to do, but nope, smearing Romney is the top of his priority list!

Most people agree that politics has always been a dirty business, but luckily just when you think politics can’t go any lower you have a monumental idiot like Harry to prove you wrong and show it can actually go lower.  Thank you, Harry for showing the American people what is important and that politics can ALWAYS go lower!