Chris Christie Rails Against Freedom

Recently Chris Christie of NJ demonstrated his disdain for freedom (again) by railing against the recreational cannabis laws of Colorado. As usual Christie like many others comes down on the side of less freedom for the people and more laws, regulations, and less freedom for the people. This is only one of many issues where this is his position. We are still waiting to see how he decides on magazine bans in NJ. I can tell you how the smart money plans on betting for that one 🙂

He argues in this piece about this legalization becoming a “slippery slope”. What he really means is he, like other statists are afraid that the people will get a taste of a little too much freedom and start demanding more of it on all types of things and less government. Nothing scares big government statists and tyrants worse than having the people figure out there actually is a better way to live.

What I find amazing about this moron is that he is scared that a little more freedom will cause a “slippery slope” towards freedom, but when politicians like him pass “common sense” and “reasonable” “gun safety” laws and gun owners say we are beginning a slippery slope toward gun bans and tyranny we are called paranoid, right wing and gun nuts with a lose grip on reality.

Again just another case of big nanny state government knowing what’s best and the people just not knowing “what is good for them” as we go towards this supposedly dangerous “slippery slope” of freedom. I prefer Thomas Jefferson’s stance on it instead…

“I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”

The really sad thing is this clown or that other stalwart of freedom Jeb Bush [full sarcasm intended] will end up being the nominee for the Republican Party for President in 2016. And they wonder why 75% of the American population doesn’t even bother to vote any longer.

We see almost zero difference between the two major parties. Both hate freedom. Both are scared to death of people getting even a taste of freedom. Both want bigger and more intrusive government on just about everything. No wonder the Founding Fathers had such disdain for “parties” they saw this coming over 200 years ago!

Operation Choke Point Confirmed

Operation Choke Point, where banks are choking out businesses that Obama and Holder don’t like is in fact real. According to the Washington Post this is in fact a real policy that has been used to strangle out firearms retailers and ammunition makers because Obama and Holder don’t like them. Despite the fact that these industries have been thriving and growing in Obama’s awful economy and despite the fact these are in fact legal products that are legal to sell.

According to Department of “Justice”, which is clearly an oxymoron, internal memos they were using their regulatory power over banks to force banks to terminate their relationships with “high risk” companies, which they made sure included firearms retailers and ammunition makers. They don’t like freedom, liberty, guns or gun rights and they can’t ban them through Congress so they figure they will just choke out the businesses that sell them by forcing banks to drop them as businesses.

This is morally repugnant, but it is simply what Americans have come to expect from this corrupt dictator and his vicious criminal henchman like Holder.

Unfortunately many of these “high risk” businesses are actually small family run companies who are simply trying to survive and put food on the table and keep a roof over the heads of their family. They are by definition the “little guy” out there just trying to make it in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Sadly they have Obama using brutality and government power to try and finish them off.

As usual this is another brutal abuse of Power by Obama and Holder who continue to tag team the American people and destroy anything they disagree with through anything but legitimate legislation or rule of law, which they don’t have on their side. This is quite simply the very definition of a tyrant. Anytime a dictator like Obama uses the power of government to choke out a legitimate business simply because he doesn’t like them is flat out wrong.

On a semi-related note, the economy contracted at 1% for the first quarter of 2014. One more quarter like that and it will be in an official recession, not that Obama ever did anything real about the first Depression he “inherited” from Bush. So you have businesses that are thriving [Firearms and Ammunition makers] in spite of Obama’s best attempts to finish off the U.S. economy and what does he do… use brutal government power to try and kill those very businesses… the only ones actually doing well. Great plan Barry!

The American people deserve so much better than Obama. He is the worst President in U.S. history bar none.

Dan Malloy, Governor of Connecticut, Violates Civil Rights!

In a recent news conference in Connecticut, Governor Dan Malloy remarked to people objecting to his draconian gun control bill rammed through in 2013 by saying “your side lost”. You can see the actual video below. the comment occurs around the 4:46 mark.

Dan Malloy is a tyrant and not fit to be a dog catcher much less a Governor or god forbid the President. He clearly has no respect for the civil rights of law abiding Americans. In fact, this law of his has turned tens of thousands of law abiding citizens into felons with a stroke of a pen! Before the law they were perfectly legal to own and NOT register their legally owned property after the law they are felons if they don’t comply.

His comment of “your side lost” clearly shows his contempt for human rights and civil liberties as well as his absolute ignorance of the Constitution.


A right is something we are born with and is not granted by government nor is it subject to a vote where majority rules and therefore can be stripped away. The ONLY function of government is to PROTECT rights! Not grant them. Not vote them away.

The fact that Malloy claims that the law is perfectly Constitutional because one of the courts packed with equally Constitutionally ignorant judges with no knowledge of history doesn’t somehow make this OK.

Liberals and socialists like Malloy have a long history of denying people their civil rights simply because they don’t like them or more likely because those rights interfere with their socialist plans for society. At the same time they fail to protect enumerated rights actually written down in the Constitution. On the flip side they seem to be able to invent or create new rights like Healthcare, housing and welfare rights out of thin air.

His actions have now endangered the lives of citizens and police officers as he has set up a veritable powder keg in Connecticut when he tries to enforce his unconstitutional laws. People are going to end up getting killed when police are ordered to start kicking in doors to enforce this heinous law. The blood of those people will sit squarely on the shoulders of Malloy. Hey, Malloy, I wonder how well this will work for your Presidential aspirations!

Tyrants always believe that as long as they somehow lend an air of legitimacy to their actions, like a vote, that it somehow makes their actions OK, but let’s see if that is true when people across the nation start seeing police officers being killed trying to enforce this law and families that lose fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to the same police and blood truly is running in the streets.

Well, Malloy when you decide to order your storm troopers to start kicking in doors and dragging people off to prison for exercising one of their enumerated civil liberties a quote comes to mind… “things are about to get interesting”.


Blood Dancing Denied

Whenever early news reports start surfacing anywhere in the country about a “mass” shooting no matter how little is known of the actual facts the gun banning politicians and their advocates get a little gleam in their eye.  They start pulling on their blood dancing shoes and getting ready to fire up the media about another right-wing, tea party, white guy who is a mass killer.  While normal people, including most gun owners, look on horrified about a maniac like this and wait to get all the facts and offer condolences to the families.

Unfortunately the gun banning losers out there simply can’t help themselves this is simply how it is done in their perverted world.  You dance in the blood of the victims and start crooning for more gun control before the police even arrive on scene.  You start digging for any, however irrelevant, facts you can find that would support how right wing or white the shooter is.  When their hoped for shooter doesn’t materialize as he never does then the media and gun banners lose ALL interest in covering the story; unless the body count is high enough, then their is some redeemable value in their sad, little, pathetic eyes they can exploit.

God help the victims if the shooter turns out to be a minority or a left wing nut because then the media will NEVER cover the story.  It will be buried so fast people will still have sand in their eyes before the police even arrive on the scene.

Jack Cashill of WND media shows how this model was played out very recently with the Maryland Mall shooter in a column I found this morning.  Excellent piece, please take a moment to read it.

Tim Phillips of Global Post is Wrong about Gun Control

Tim Phillips of Global Post just posted an article advocating a solution to the gun control debate that has been going on for over a year now.  In reality this debate has been going on for the last 45+ years, since 1968 and some would argue back as far as 1934.  While I give him credit for his approach I believe he is missing the point on the issue.

The issue has never been about guns as much as it is about politics and control.  Take the proposed law from last spring to extend background checks to all private sales at gun shows that failed to pass.  As has been pointed out before this bill if it had been in effect for the past 10 years would have done NOTHING to stop almost all the mass shootings and certainly all the most recent ones going back 3-4 years.  Why?  Because in everyone one of those situations the shooters either passed the background checks or stole the guns.  In either cases the law would have done nothing to prevent them.  Yet, they pushed it just the same.  Why… because of politics and control.

Now, take the proposal by the NRA of adding people into schools who are armed and can provide a response to a mass shooter.  This could come in the form of an armed resource officer or an armed citizen who volunteers.  When the NRA suggested this they were ridiculed and dismissed immediately out of hand by every gun grabbing politician and “main stream” news organization.  Yet, this isn’t just some off the wall suggestion, this actual policy has been in place in Israel since 1976 and they haven’t had a SINGLE school shooting since then!

Why was the NRA policy so quickly dismissed?  Because the politicians and gun grabbers are more interested in politics and control than actually solving the problem.  The vast majority of the politicians that advocate for these bans have no interest in solving the actual issue.  They don’t even write or read the bill, rather they let some anti-gun lobbyist write the bill and then go push it like a good little dog.  They don’t understand what they are evening proposing.  This has been proven over and over again, most recently with the Colorado legislator that didn’t understand the difference between a clip and a magazine, but was willing to offer a law to ban them.  Again, why was she doing this?  Politics and Control.

Mr. Phillips discussed “negotiation” and understanding each other’s core values as a way of resolving this. That is completely naive to say the least.  The gun grabbing politicians are NOT interested in understanding our culture and never have been.  They are not interested in actual solutions that will work, just ramming yet, another law down our throats that will do nothing, but will move us closer to their true goal of total citizen disarmament.  To deny this as their true goal is either duplicitous or naive, take your pick.

What about the negotiation part, well the gun grabbers aren’t interested in that either.  In a true negotiation neither side gets what they really want, but both get something and while it may not be exactly what they were hoping for it will work.  The politicians who propose gun grabs are interested in only a one way street.  We give, they take, nothing more.  The negotiation becomes a “how much can we get away with this time with this law”.  If this was not true then how come the “negotiation” is never about us getting BACK some of our rights that have been taken away in previous laws that were proven to not work and now just hurt law abiding gun owners?  No, it is always how much more can we take this time.  It is never a true negotiation of give and take.  Why?  Again, politics and control.

Speaking as a gun owner I will say I don’t trust any politician who wants to just “discuss” how we can prevent tragedies in the future because for them that isn’t the true goal and we saw that first hand after Newtown, CT.  Many of them were so sure this was their big moment that they fully revealed their true colors.  Confiscation was used for the first time and many admitted it.  They shed their cloaks of “we believe in the 2nd Amendment” they always hide behind and let their true colors show.  Total ban on all civilian owned firearms and confiscation for those that have them now.

The problem gun owners have is we have been burned every time we “negotiate” with these people because they are interested in only one thing…disarmament.  We are always told if we just agree to this one “common sense” bill they will not be back, but that is a lie, they always come back.  There simply is no trust left and never will be.  While I don’t think Mr. Phillips is a bad guy, yet, he is naive and his article show it.

The most horrible atrocities in the 20th and eventually the 21st Century were caused by unchecked dictators who started their reign of terror with gun control first.  Disarm their victims and then murder them because they certainly can’t fight back now.  No thanks, Mr. Phillips.  I am not going in the box car willingly.  As gun owners we are not giving one more inch!

Molon Labe!

Layaway for Guns

Does anyone remember a long time ago when stores offered layaway programs for customers?  For those that don’t what it allowed you to do is put products you shopped for on hold and allowed you to pay a little each month until the products were yours.

OK, let me ask an easier question, do you remember way back to 10 months ago when Obama and his merry band of fellow gun banners, Shumer, Fienstein and others were pushing REALLY hard to fulfill a very long wish list of gun and magazine bans as they danced in the blood of the Newtown victims?  Of course you do because your ability to purchase ANY gun related products was about nil.

Here we are with shelves FINALLY starting to fill up again and a choice that shooters are again faced with.  My recommendation is that every single month people buy something to expand their shooting lockers.  Not necessarily a new firearm every month, but certainly things like magazines, ammo (yes I am aware it is still in short supply in many places), firearms, accessories, etc.  I am not recommending you break the bank every month.

Like the layaway programs of old days, just buy a little every month, but be consistent buy something every single month.  Consider it a savings plan against the next gun banner bazaar that we are only one mass shooting away from.

You see our enemies in the gun ban crowd will ALWAYS exploit every tragedy they can find and dance in the blood of victims, often times before any facts are even known to call for new gun bans.

Unfortunately every time this happens it is like a lottery with your rights.  First, is the Congressional make up, President, and Supreme Court lined up in the gun banners favor?  Remember the first 2 years of Obama’s first term they had a veto proof majority in both chambers of Congress and all it would have taken during that first 2 years is for Newtown to be 3 years earlier and the loss of rights would have been devastating and permanent.

The point is that you can never tell when the stars will align perfectly for the gun banners to ram home some or all of their wish list leading to total civilian disarmament.  Make no mistake this is their goal regardless of what they *say* in front of the cameras while the duplicitous rats plot behind the scenes.

These liberty robbing scum are also relentless.  They will NEVER stop working, plotting and scheming to remove your rights.  NEVER, EVER, believe you are safe from their plots and agendas, you aren’t.  Even when you aren’t hearing from them doesn’t mean they aren’t carefully working behind the scenes and assembling the next freedom robbing law and waiting for the next tragedy to exploit to ram it home.

When that day comes, and it will come, you won’t be able to buy the stuff you need at any price from any vendor.  If you doubt this simply look at the last year.  Back in February and March of 2013 you couldn’t find an AR-15 anywhere and almost no standard capacity magazines or ammo.  It was like a desert for shooters.  It is still not back to normal in many parts of the country and this is because the gun banners failed… this time.  Imagine the price and availability of this stuff if they had been successful.

Some of you will throw a bucket of cold water on this suggestion and say you have seen this before and that the gun banners will never succeed, blah, blah, blah.  Well, when you are wrong and I am proven right I will be happy to sell you some of my excess supply for 8 times the market price.  I will recoup all of the money I spent preparing little by little and you still won’t have what you need, but will be much poorer.  I have seen it before I will see it again.  I hate to be so blatant to my fellow gun lovers, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Since most people are not independently wealthy you should plan on using the layaway program.  Buy something, even if it is small every single month.  Don’t fail to do this.  When you can add another firearm to your collection, do it.  The day may come when you can’t at any price.  When the next mass shooting comes you will be much better prepared.

Colorado Tells Bloomberg to Butt Out of State on Gun Issue

According to this article, Colorado Governor Democrat John Hickenlooper he is telling Michael Bloomberg to stay out of Colorado politics on the gun control issue. Strange, he seemed all for Bloomberg’s help before citizens tossed out 2 of his Democrat Senators in a special election. Now another of his Senators is facing a fresh recall effort. If this trend keeps up the Democrats will lose control of the Colorado Senate.

This is actually a hilarious comedy playing out. First, Hickenlooper makes it sound like Nanny Bloomberg came into Colorado and did all of this by himself. Did he develop amnesia about the fact HE SIGNED THE GUN CONTROL BILLS INTO LAW!!! It was at his behest that the state legislature even took up the issue.

With prompting from Obama and money from Nanny Bloomberg new gun control was shoved down the throats of Colorado citizens. Obama believed as did Nanny Bloomberg that if they could prove a pro-gun western state with a long and rich firearms tradition could pass gun control without any backlash that it could be done anywhere. They hoped to prove the NRA was irrelevant in today’s political climate.

How did that work out for you?

This guy wants to blame Bloomberg for this whole issue going south on him, but he seems to forget he had the final say. He could have vetoed the bill, but he didn’t. He could push to undo it right now, which might calm the anger of his constituents, but he seems to have no interest in that either. Basically he wants the bleeding to stop and figures if he tells Nanny Bloomberg to buzz off that this will will cause the citizens to calm down. I doubt that very much.

Too little too late pal. You pissed on the wrong group this time. You took freedoms away from a group who is absolutely relentless in making you pay a political price and a group that has a looooong memory.

A wise man once said these enlightening words when he found himself in a similar predicament…


Obama’s Obsession with Gun Control

Obama recently had yet another divisive, highly partisan pander speech to gun control nuts.  Using the recent Navy Yard shootings as his most recent excuse to revisit the issue he again called for draconian (not common sense) gun control laws.  He again reiterated his desire for a ban on this mythical “assault” weapon and standard capacity magazines as well as background checks at gun shows.  Same old tired rhetoric.

The problem is the wacko who committed the shootings at the Navy Yard wouldn’t have been stopped by ANY of these proposals had ALL of them been in place for the last 10 years!  That is the issue that gun owners keep yelling about.  Quit proposing laws that will have NO impact on these incidents, but will make criminals out of otherwise law abiding people.  Just ask this guy in NJ how well all of these stupid gun control laws work that only punish harmless and law abiding people who are suddenly turned into felons that would have done almost a decade in prison for a simple violation of a stupid law that does NOTHING to stop these kinds of killings!

This guy’s sentence was commuted (not pardoned) which still makes him a convicted felon, but at least he is not serving the time in prison.  Still I think most people would agree being a convicted felon carries plenty of issues and it is so senseless.  We talk about senseless shootings but not senseless unintended consequences of all these stupid laws.

The Navy Yard shooter did NOT use the mythical and hated “assault” rifle nor did he use “high capacity” magazines.  I know this greatly saddens Obama’s cheerleaders in the media who think everything from a baseball bat to a shotgun is an AR-15, but the facts are what they are.  He used Joe Biden’s weapon of choice, a Remington 870 pump shotgun.  It has a whooping capacity of 5 rounds plus one in the chamber.  Hell, this gun doesn’t even meet the limit for bullets that New York’s stupid “Safe” ACT limits people to!  It is probably the most popular hunting gun in America and used by many deer hunters who can’t use rifles in their respective states.

I believe the reason Obama is so keyed up about this issue is because it is the first major loss he has had since he has been President.  He invested A LOT of political capital in his over the top gun ban party back at the beginning of the year and it blew up in his face when his OWN party kept it from passing.  Of course there had to be a bad guy so in this case it was the evil NRA, as if they are some independent evil entity rather than what they really are, which is a membership organization of 5 million plus members who believe in the civil right of the 2nd Amendment.

Because he was defeated he is acting like any petulant child that doesn’t get his way and throwing a temper tantrum because he was told no.  He has always been a pathetic and weak President prone to crying when he doesn’t get his way and blaming everyone but himself for every failure of which there have been many.  He won’t let this rest ever because he was denied what he wants and his incredible ego makes him think he should get whatever he wants just because he deserves it.

He went on in the speech to say we should be “obsessed” with passing new gun control laws.  The only person in this debate that is obsessed with this issue is you, Obama.

As a gun owner I will not EVER yield to even your most innocuous requests to further restrict my rights and freedoms.  This far and no farther and if I can find a way to roll back some of the infringements people like you have already imposed I will.

Obama to Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

John Kerry will be signing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty cooked up by the U.N. as a vehicle to ultimately regulate ALL firearms in every country who is a party to the treaty, i.e. the U.S. since most of the other countries surrendered their gun rights decades ago.

While this would still require a 2/3 majority in the Senate to ratify this treaty the bad thing about it is that the treaty never dies.  It lives on forever so if a future gun banning thug like Obama can put together another 60 filibuster proof Senate combined with a few weak willed Republicans like Uncle Dick Luger or any of the other gun banners in the Republican party it is very possible this would be ratified.  It doesn’t matter if that day comes tomorrow or 100 years from now.  This is like hanging an axe over your proverbial gun rights neck and leaving it there forever!

What baffles people who actually possess the ability to reason is how someone like Obama who has handed guns to terrorists and drug cartels would sign a treaty banning you from giving guns to terrorists and drug cartels!  It is supposed to stop international arms sales and gun running, but the biggest damn gun runner is OBAMA!  I know, I know, don’t try to use logic with this morons because it will only drive you crazy; kind of like an infinite math loop or something.