California on Verge of Banning Lead Ammo for Hunting

According to Katie LaPotin and Red Alert Politics, California is on the threshold of banning all lead ammunition for hunting.  The premise for this newest of stupid laws in California is…

  1. Lead is killing California Condors who are supposedly eating game that was killed by lead bullets and hence dying as a result of lead poisoning.

  2. That lead is getting into the meat supply and people who eat game are exposing themselves to lead.

Let’s address each of these separately.

Lead Killing California Condors

This issue has been based on a questionable use of facts and logic for quite some time.  There are documented cases of environmentalists wackos feeding Condors poisoned food with lead to try and build a case against lead bullets. For example, there have been documented cases of environmentalists wackos putting lead into dead carrion that died in other ways and then getting photos and video “proof” when a Condor comes along and eats it. 

There are also photos of Condors eating lead filled paint chips.  The point being there are other ways that Condors can be exposed to lead besides eating discarded game meat that supposedly was killed by lead ammunition.

Second issue here is the amount of lead we are talking about here.  Lead bullets are extraordinarily small, many have copper jackets on them so exactly how much lead could possibly come off of one little bullet?  Once an animal is shot with a bullet it tends to die.

Now I know it has been a few years since I completed high school anatomy class, but I am pretty sure death stops blood flow.  Assuming my high school teacher didn’t lead me astray on that point how in the world is all this lead circulating through a dead animal and polluting the entire carcass for the Condor to eat?  I suppose if the Condor comes along and ONLY eats the part of the carcass where the bullet is at then maybe, just maybe, there is a small chance but you hopefully see the incredibly small statistical chances we are talking about at this point.

Next, most responsible hunters, which is the majority, do everything possible to recover their game.  They don’t just shoot animals and leave them to rot.  Therefore exactly how much game meat can actually be out there that has any lead even in it?

Given the amount of lead that can come from pollution and other sources IF this is even an issue at all and that is a very big IF it is probably coming from water or other sources the birds are getting access to.

To summarize this point, we need vast quantities of animals that are shot by lead ammunition to be left to rot out in the woods.  We need the animal shot to have this liquid type lead bullet to continually pump through the system of a dead animal to thoroughly infect the ENTIRE carcass to levels high enough to actually kill a Condor.  Seems highly implausible.

Lead Getting into Meat Supply

What meat supply are we talking about here?  Have cows and chickens and pigs killed at slaughter houses started being killed with lead ammunition?  Nope.  We are talking about strictly wild game.  Second, whose wild game are we talking about?  That would be the hunter who killed it.  So exactly why is it the state of California’s business what I as a hunter eat or how much of it?  If I as a hunter choose to do this it is NONE OF THE STATE’S BUSINESS!  This nanny state crap has to really stop.

Second, the actual issue is a moot point anyway.  There has been studies of people who consume wild game on a regular basis all of which is probably killed with lead ammunition and they have NEVER been able to show a higher level of lead in the blood for this group of people beyond the standard population.

Further, those individuals who hunt and collect wild game cannot sell it due to multiple state and federal laws barring such actions, which of course prompts the question of exactly who owns the game if someone can’t sell it, but that is an argument for another day.  The point being is there is really no way for wild game to be introduced in the larger world of food outside of the actual hunter and their friends/family that may eat it.  So again the simple question, what business of it is the state what I eat and when?

Besides, let’s face it, most hunters tend to be gun owners and conservatives.  While certainly not all of them, probably the majority are.  Since these are 2 of many arch enemies of gun and hunting hating liberals wouldn’t you want this group to be poisoned and die?  Why are you working so hard to save them? You don’t give a crap about them or their opinions any other time, why now?

In fact liberals and gun haters usually work overtime to ignore the opinions of this group of people and shove unwanted laws down their throats every chance they get.

Now we come to the actual crux of the issue.  Lead ammunition is MUCH cheaper to acquire and hunt with.  If people in California are FORCED to buy only copper ammo then the cost of hunting with rise and may put the sport outside the reach of poorer people.  THAT is the first step towards the actual end result.  Lower the number of hunters and shooters by jacking up the price of ammo in California.

Of course even banning it from hunting is not the full goal.  You see if they are successful they will wait a little while and then start step 2 which is to say that too many people are ignoring the new law (because of cost) and therefore California needs to ban ALL lead ammo so it can’t be used by hunters and shooters.  Now the cost goes up for ALL shooting and again forces the number of shooters down as people can’t afford the already high cost of ammo and now that it must all be made of copper the price will sky rocket.

Once California falls then these same anti-gun and anti-hunting crowd will start hollering about how Condors were saved in California by this “common sense” approach and that it needs to be enacted at the Federal level so all birds, eagles, hawks, robins, etc. can all be saved. Mind you there is no problem with any of these birds today, but when these goons, their buddies in the media and their junk science are finished it will be a crisis of crisis.  Of course once that is done then we are back to step 2 noted above, but this time at the Federal level against ALL shooters EVERYWHERE.

These scum never think just one step ahead, but many.  Their “goal” that they discuss today is never the final goal, but always a stepping stone to something far more restrictive and sinister.  It has always been this way and it always will.  This is a fight for the ages, control freaks, nanny state lovers and tyrants against freedom, liberty and individual personal responsibility.

The interesting thing is that if California is dumb enough to actually pass this law either just for hunting or an entire ban it will quickly create a black market for lead based ammo because it is cheaper.  It will be very simple to smuggle ammo over the state line or simply have people leave the state and go to Nevada for instance and buy ammo there and take it back.  So California, go ahead and try your stupid law and let the smuggling begin.


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