Billionaire vs. Plumber…Billionaire Lost!

The results of the Colorado recall election are in and Nanny Bloomberg’s two cronies that voted for gun control lost!  Yes, you read that correctly, despite dumping $350K into the race and trying to rally his “troops” to save the 2 anti-gun Democrats he failed!

Despite the groups pushing for the recall being out spent 7-1 and going up against a political machine that was designed to pump out perfect PR and messaging in carefully structured commercials they still lost.  The people calling for the recall ran the campaign on a shoestring and used complete grassroots strategies.

Oh, I almost forgot this other great part, one of the people tossed out of office was in a heavily Democrat district that Comrade Obama won by 20 points.  So how did this happen?  Simple, politicians in Colorado tried to deny a free people a God given right.

The tyrants refused to even listen to their constituents.  In fact, they were told by Nanny Bloomberg and Comrade Obama to ignore their emails, phone calls, and town halls.  Just stay focused and ram through gun control.  What the people wanted was irrelevant it was about what the gun control thugs wanted and what was “good for the little people” who apparently were too dumb to see how good this would be for them.

Unfortunately this victory didn’t actually change the political make-up of the Colorado statehouse enough to reverse the damage done by these tyrants, but hopefully it shows other tyrants in other states and at the Federal level just what happens to tyrants that don’t respect the rights and will of the people.  If you ignore the will of the people even a billionaire can’t save you.

While I realize the victory was largely symbolic so was the battle at Thermopylae 2,500 hundred years ago, but go ask the Persians how well that turned out for them.

So it would appear that history is repeating itself here.  Tyrants who arrive and tell the people to lay down their arms or else.  There was another battle like that 2,500 years ago in Thermopylae when the Persians told the Spartans to throw down their weapons and they calmly responded…

Molon Labe!

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