About Us

I am the Ghost of 1776.  I am a recovering Republican and I now declare myself to be a conservatively centered Christian Libertarian.  I am a gun loving, personal responsibility oriented, self reliant, Laissez-faire capitalist and an unapologetic member of the “leave me alone crowd”.

Over the years I have been influenced by many visionaries and fine authors and ideas that have simply expanded my thinking in ways I never dreamed of.  These individuals helped me build the foundation of my thinking today.

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington
  • Ben Franklin
  • Ayn Rand
  • Friedrich Hayek
  • Murray Rothbard
  • Milton Friedman

I have also been assisted by authors and people who have helped me clearly articulate, crystallize, and refine my positions and arguments that I learned by the people mentioned above.  Those authors include…

  • Robert Ringer
  • David Barton
  • Boston T. Party (Kenneth Royce)
  • Stephen Halbrook
  • Colonel Jeff Cooper
  • Ron Paul

And many, many others.  The marvelous thing about education and growth is that it never stops until you are in the ground and the next great idea or revelation is only one book away.

I turned my back on the Republican party when I realized they were simply another variation of the problem.  The problem as I see it is an out of control government that is like the blob from the 1950s science fiction movie, which continually grows bigger and destroys and eats everything in its path.

I was finally pushed into action over the last 4 years of watching the government destroy the country I love.  I decided I had to do something to help.  Today that is writing to inform people of where our country has gone wrong and trying to effect change via activism and at the ballot box.  Tomorrow who knows.

The fact is our country will not survive on its current path.  The crowd (liberals and socialist) that want big government that is in control of every aspect of our lives are in a virtual war with the group that simply wants to be left alone by government and wants a small Constitutional Republic that many of our Founding Fathers envisioned.

These two groups cannot co-exist in the same country.  They simply want a country that is too different from each other.  I believe this difference will eventually lead to the country splitting apart and possibly even a civil war.  Our country has fought one very bloody civil war over different beliefs and visions for our country.  Does anyone truly believe that won’t happen again?

That government is best which governs least.

–          Thomas Jefferson