The Emperor from Ohio, John Kasich is Eliminating his Political Challengers

Now I finally see why Americans have such a miserable voter turnout record in almost all elections. According to a post by Wendy McElroy, the Ohio Senate has passed a bill to essentially block out all third party [read Libertarian] candidates and protect the established 2 party system. Why, because according to this blog post John Kasich, Ohio Emperor, err, I mean, “Governor” is in some trouble right now for essentially being the “Liberal Lite” candidate.

This is a sad commentary on our Republic when the people in power not only ignore their constituents on a regular basis, but then rig the voting apparatus so nobody can challenge them to a fair race. What a crock of shit! What are they afraid of? If they believe they have the best ideas for the people then let them run fairly on their ideas against others with differing ideas and see what the people think. Let us choose.

We are closing in on a full blown dictatorship now. First, they cut out all voices accept the 2 parties currently in power and most would argue there isn’t even 2 parties; just one giant party with varying nuances in their approaches. Pretty soon we can just dispense with the illusion of a Democratically elected Republic and just appoint our leaders like they did in Rome. We already have a President who believes he is part god and emperor over the lands, why not just start appointing them. It appears we have no interest in fair and open elections any longer.

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